Monday, May 8, 2017

Rabbi Yair Hoffman States That R' Gluck's Visit to the Pope was a matter of "Pikuach Nefesh"?

Rabbi Yair Hoffman the posek of Yeshivaworld Blog, paskened that the visit of R' Gluck, (the Chief Rabbi of the "Palisades Parkway") to the Pope was permitted, since the matter of discussion between R' Gluck and the irrelevant Pope was "Pikuach Nefesh"! 

Rabbi Hoffman writes: 
"As mentioned in a previous article, actually meeting with the pope and developing good will with the pontiff is certainly worthwhile to pursue. The song and dance was, in this author’s opinion, not something that should have been tacked on. Of course, it is likely that the askanim posed the questions to their Rabbinic authorities and Poskim, who may have felt that under the circumstances of the issues being discussed with the pope – it was warranted. The fact is that Reb Tzvi Gluck’s work is so important and is a matter of Pikuach Nefesh that it may indeed, trump many of these other issues – in order to get the message out. On the other hand, it could be that the message could have been made without the singing and dancing."

Excuseeeeeeeeeee me........ R' Gluck discussed a matter of "pikuach nefesh?" ..... that's interesting because you yourself wrote in the psak  and the The Yeshivaworld Blog reported  that the purpose to meet the "Old Christian Kocker" was because of Jewish graves?

Question #1 to R' Hoffman:
What was the "pikuach nefesh?"  
Crazy me, I thought that "pikuach nefesh" only applies to people still alive and breathing.....

Question #2 to R'Hoffman:
You write that: 
"Of course, it is likely that the askanim posed the questions to their Rabbinic authorities and Poskim, who may have felt that under the circumstances of the issues being discussed with the pope – it was warranted. "

Well if they "posed the question to their Rabbinic authorities," why do we need your psak?
Didn't they get a psak?


Anonymous said...

The visit to the pope was for louis sheiner entertainment. Gluk was used to keep focus away from the rich guys there and also because he is on retainer with the rich guys in case they go to jail

A traveling circus? said...

It seems that the visit came about through Edgar Gluck, who had things like cemeteries to discuss with the Pope. Fine. The pope could possibly help with that in places like Poland, which is heavily Catholic (the endangered old Vilnius Lithuania cemetery needs help as well). That was the main thing, what brought it about.

Later his son Zvi decided to come along. But to say that the thing was pikuach nefesh for Zvi's work with troubled Jewish youth? They are not Catholic, so not guided by the pope. Seems like quite a stretch.

And then the Scheiner group, and the Habad shliach Pinson came along. What were they doing there?

What was it? A traveling circus? A minstrel show?

YS Orlando said...

Reading your post and the subsequent replies... makes me throw up.. your journalistic instincts took over... a true journalist would due real research, instead you saw a clip and jumped on the bandwagon..
If you want some respect and integrity why don't you reach out directly with Rabbi Gluck or Pinson and get the whole story??
It's so easy for you to sit in your room and on the computer and trash a clip, people... anyone can do it - for some reason you come across as having a agenda.
I am not sure what you have done for the klal lately or tikun haolam, but one thing I can tell you, we all should be lucky enough to have the resume of Rabbi Gluck,
This Rabbi who you besmitch was one of the two founders of Hatzolah, not today where it's a thriving organization but when there was red tape, think how many lives he has saved thru the hard selfless askanus over the years..
how about a boy that was kidnapped years ago in Jamaica it was his efforts and lobbying that granted that kid life..
for years He has traveled to Europe and using his connections on the highest levels has saved hundreds of cemeteries- I doubt if it was your grandfather grave he saved you would be talking this way..
there are hundreds of ppl who owe their life, business to him...
but because you saw a clip your journalist desire went into overdrive and without facts you spit on a man who does allot more then sitting at a desk all day.
But now to the main point.
You come across as extremely shallow, if you had a education you would know that not everything you see via a clip is the whole story, you basically took a 50 second clip and made assumptions.
As someone with a touch of knowledge on this trip I can assure you there were life and death issues that were raised in the private audience with the pontiff..
as a lover of Israel, you should know the Israeli gov has a full time ambassador and emissary to the Vatican... why if as you say the pope is worthless does Israel have staff dedicated there? You may not like it but the reality is the Vatican holds and sways considerable power both in the Christian world and the world as a whole..
to question a man who has done so much for klal for meeting a power broker is absurd..
you seriously lack any journalistic integrity..

Chafraud-Depravitch said...

"...and the Habad shliach Pinson came along. What were they doing there?"

Looking for publicity? For all of the coverage Chabad is giving this, as they stamp their feet and complain, there is no stated purpose for the Chabad shliach to be there.

Apparently the official org has since axed the rabbi from their directory.

On a better note, the Pope spoke against child sexual abuse, something Chabad now needs to hear. Some strange world eh? Even the Catholic Church is instructing Chabad on dealing with CSA.