Sunday, May 14, 2017

No ..... these are not Nazis ....these are Jews Burning the Jewish Flag and an IDF Soldier in Effigy

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned those who burned in effigy IDF soldiers during Lag Ba’omer celebrations in Jerusalem on Saturday night.
“Last night, there was a reprehensible incident in Jerusalem,” Netanyahu told the weekly cabinet meeting.
“An extremist and truly marginal faction of ultra-orthodox society, a faction identified with Neturei Karta, burned effigies of IDF soldiers in uniform along with Israeli flags, in order to offend ultra-orthodox soldiers,” Netanyahu said.
“This was deplorable. IDF soldiers guard everyone, including the ultra-Orthodox, including these people. I expect, request and demand that all public leaders condemn this despicable act and I also request that the police find those responsible,” he added.
Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman called on Israel’s police force to get involved and for leaders of the ultra-Orthodox community to condemn those actions.


Anonymous said...

What would Rashbi Hakodosh say to this?
Why was there a rainstorm in NY<NJ wiping out the fire plans last night?
Maybe there's a message somewhere. Maybe we're not living up to the ideals and ahavat yisrael of the Rashbi? Or maybe we should light fires in the Holy Land only where Rashbi lived?

Anonymous said...

These are jewish nazis same trash