Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Trump Hater Colbert Announces Comey’s Firing, But Audience Cheers????

Here’s a fascinating little encapsulation of life in 2017 America. When the rules change on the fly so instantly, it’s tough for an audience of trained seals to know how to react.

When the studio audience cheered James Comey’s firing, as they’ve been trained to do for half a year now, Colbert retorted: “Huge, huge Donald Trump fans here tonight.” Well, that’s what they get for missing that hairpin swerve in the narrative. The daily Two Minutes Hate gets confusing when you don’t know who and what to boo.

If you’ve picked a team, you gotta stick with that team no matter what. If that means howling for six months about firing James Comey, and then turning on a dime and condemning the firing of James Comey, so be it.

In this clip of Colbert announcing Comey's firing, his crowd appears to be confused by how Colbert wanted them to react, and then syncing back up with Colbert's opinion seconds later. This creates for a hilariously awkward moment that leaves Colbert off guard for a few seconds, and then instantly disses his audiences as "Trump fans". What a dunce.
So...does this prove Colbert fans really are sheep that happen to think whatever Colbert wants them to think?

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Anonymous said...

DIN, you seem to treat Trump as like, Hashem, Chas V'Shalom. If someone insults him, it makes your "front page"! What the heck!