Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Rabbi Dovber Pinson Defends Meeting With Irrelevant Pope


YS Orlando said...

I wonder why you have felt the need to hide behind a mask - most true and proud journalists would put a name and face behind their work... it is so easy to hide and sprout off on anything you don't like.. mind you based on your blog, there is very few ppl that you seem to agree on.
Based on facts: The pope who you claim is irrelevant, carries more weight on the world stage then most superpowers, that is a fact.
Forbes, world report, Wall Street journal, real journalists and thinkers all agree that the papalcy is mover and shaker on world events.
The worlds superpower America does not go to
war without clearing it with the Vatican, yet you a blogger that hides his name and face feel so comfortable saying he is irrelevant..
a honest journalist doesn't hide and backs off his claim with reason and clarity - something you just can't seem to do.
For some reason anyone who you don't agree with their ways you bash.. yesterday it was Rabbi Gluck today its Rabbi Pinson...all because they did something which mind you, you dissected from a 50 second clip! Kudos to you for your journalistic digging!!
If you want to be taken serious do the hard work, reach out to them and then write a thought provoking piece..
for a pope or papalcy that you term is irrelevant, how is it that millions have been killed by their authority? Unfortunately many nations bow and guided by the Christian belief and the pope plays a significant role in their laws and bylaws.
Most of the former Soviet Union and Europe is predominantly Christian, a letter or call from the Vatican is a deal breaker.. when Rabbi Gluck advocates he is there not because he needs a picture, he is there to influence the needs of your people..
I am not here to convince you.. you seem far from educated...
but like Paul Harvey said .... the rest of the story.
Man up buddy, do your homework and then people reading your blog will take you serious.. till then you come across as shallow and with a vendetta.

Anonymous said...

this guy is crazier then i thought

What would his Rebbe say? said...

The question is not if Pinson can manufacture a rationale for such a thing. As a Lubavitcher shliach, the question is if was faithful to his shlichus.

If his Lubavitcher Rebbe was against such meetings, he should not have gone.

If he did otherwise, he is in the category of renegade shluchim like Samuel Boteach.

Anonymous said...

Is this Pinsons blog?

Anonymous said...

Did you notice the guitars and the musicians and wonder what they were there for?
Which part of Klall Yisroel appointed you as their emissary in this regard

Just asking

Tziyoni said...

...."till then you come across as shallow and with a vendetta." And yet, here you are blogging.

Facts said...

YS Orlando:

"I wonder why you have felt the need to hide behind a mask"

Look who's talking.

"Based on facts: The pope who you claim is irrelevant, carries more weight on the world stage then most superpowers, that is a fact."

He carries weight, but more than most superpowers??

"Forbes, world report, Wall Street journal, real journalists and thinkers all agree that the papalcy is mover and shaker on world events."

Mover and shaker, yes, but the papacy now is not what it was centuries ago. It is much weaker and diminished.

"The worlds superpower America does not go to
war without clearing it with the Vatican"

Not true. Before you lecture, learn the facts. The USA is not a Catholic country.

'for a pope or papacy that you term is irrelevant, how is it that millions have been killed by their authority?'

That may have happened in the past, but they are much weaker now.

"Most of the former Soviet Union and Europe is predominantly Christian, a letter or call from the Vatican is a deal breaker"

Russia is Russian Orthodox, not Catholic. Catholism in Europe is quite weak nowadays. Many places have legalized abortion and toeivah 'marriage'.

"do your homework"

Good advice for yourself YS.

I don't know if you are a friend of Gluck or what, but you are not up to date on the modern world. Pope Francis is actually quite liberal, as opposed to his two recent predecessors. He has been softening the the stance of the church on moral issues, against toievah, for example. Catholic conservatives are upset with him. But then some Hasidim come and give their hechsher? Shameful.

FYI said...

Dov Bear blog is not Pinson.

Shmendrik Pumpernickel said...

Much ado about nothing. too much concern about being judged by other Jews. who cares? If you think that meeting with the Pope is wrong then don't do it. If you have to do something like this in secret then something is very wrong.

YS Orlando said...

You know the difference between myself and you? I will back it up with a thought provoking article that was written a mere six months ago in the Wall Street journal..
mind you look as well at Forbes list of 100 most influential ppl in The feb issue, Pope Francis is number 5
So take five min and read below, that should answer all your questions...
Cubans and Americans alike watched with amazement as Presidents Raul Castro and Barack Obama announced that after more than 50 years, they had reestablished diplomatic relations. The last stronghold of the Cold War had breathed its last.
A swap had been made. Members of the Cuban Five, who were charged with terrorist activities in the U.S. and jailed for a decade, had been sent back to the island. Imprisoned U.S. contractor Alan Gross, who was accused of distributing banned telecommunication technologies to Havana’s tiny Jewish community while working for USAID, along with another unnamed government intelligence official, was freed.
Cheers resounded in shops, schools and hotels throughout Havana. A classroom of young musicians had tears in their eyes upon hearing the news. For the first time, American and Cuban flags hung together from balconies.
A new era seemed to be dawning between the two countries. All because of…the pope?
Almost immediately, information circulated about the Vatican’s involvement with the communist country. In fact, Pope Francis had previously written a letter to both presidents urging them to “initiate a new phase in relations,” which essentially jumpstarted the entire process and led to the reconciliation.
But perhaps it should not have been so much of a surprise.
The Holy See, or the government of the Vatican, regularly sends emissaries around the world to be involved in multiple levels of diplomacy between nations. Their ambassadors are credited with having better on-the-ground information because of their ability to tap information from nuns and priests in local parishes.

More than 80 countries also have embassies in Italy for the Holy See, meaning there is an army of men and women whose sole purpose is to nurture the relationship between their countries and the Vatican.
In addition, the Holy See has special “permanent observer” status within the United Nations General Assembly and the Food and Agriculture Organization, and has full diplomatic relations with 177 countries out of 193 in the UN. It is even a member of organizations such as the International Atomic Energy Agency and the UN World Tourism Organization.
In 1998, John Paul became the first pope to visit the island nation since Fidel Castro’s 1959 revolution. Less than 10 years later, Benedict was the first pope to reopen a Catholic church on the island. While in Cuba, he also gained favor with the American Jewish community by agreeing to discuss with Mr. Castro the case of a man jailed the year before for espionage.

The American Jewish Committee was one of several Jewish groups that approached the Vatican in the months before Benedict’s March 2012 visit to Cuba to ask that the German pontiff raise the issue of the Jewish captive on humanitarian grounds with Cuba’s leadership, The Associated Press has learned.”

The diplomatic approach of Benedict and Francis follows in the footsteps of John Paul II, who was pope from 1978-2005.
John Paul II’s greatest diplomatic achievement was helping to bring down the Berlin Wall and end communism in his native Poland—and all of Europe. Francis acknowledged John Paul II’s role in this historic event on the 25th anniversary of the wall coming down.

While the relationship between pope and president has grown over the years, it is not the Vatican-American connection that is most interesting. Rather, it is that the pope seeks out the most powerful political leader alive—and that the U.S. president seeks out the most powerful spiritual leader alive.

Anonymous said...

How is Yair Hoffman now going to spin this, on the command of his master Larry Gordon? Larry is the putz who moved from Crown Hts to Lawrence to be modern orthodox but still tries to pretend he is the haysseh Lubav in full levush that he once was when davening in 770.

And apart from that, every other stupid idea that pops into Larry's head is directed to Hoffman's pen. This includes the cover up for Larry's philandering buddy Dovid Weinberger. Larry also made sure to hire columnist David "Woof Woof" Seidemann from the Jewish Star, another loser who protects Weinberger.

Wake up Yidden said...

YS Orlando - the thing with Cuba happened under the leftist regime of Hussein Obama, who was looking to make nice with America's enemies. As he did with Iran, and others as well. Are you going to claim that the Pope brought about the nuclear deal with Iran too now?

Francis claimed that JP II brought down the Berlin well. Wow, how's that for an unbiased testimony?

If you say the pope is so powerful, what was he doing during WWII?

However powerful the pope may or may not be for some people, frum Jews live differently than others. We don't bow to avoda zara now matter how powerful it may seem to be. Am Yisrael lives in a different framework. We have Torah and mitzvos and gedolim.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame for pinson but he's stuck with shiner. This will cost shiner more money but it's worth it for having pinson to ligitmacher him. Pinson is very smarts. Maybe he makes this orchestra for purposes that chabavich will kicks him out so he can be radikel raby or become independent from them and this was his plan all along.

Unknown said...

I heard rumors that they tried to get the pope to put on tfilin, but he refused because the Chabs insisted he had to put on BOTH Rashi and Rabenu Tam - and the pope said he would put on only one set. But he apparently did agree to show up at Meron to light a bonfire this motzoe shabbat.

Anonymous said...

The rabbi didn't think the guys with the guitars would actually use them.

Chafraud-Depravitch said...

Some of these comments are hilarious.
But we'll see how much you're laughing when Pope Pinson comes after you.

Jonny said...

why are they carrying guitars around with them during Sefira?

Anonymous said...

4;00 pm makes the most sense and is the most intelligent

Anonymous said...

Noone gets into the Vatican palace by chance. You got to walk through a number of fortresses where guards are at attention. And finally there is yet another closed and guarded fortress gate that is opened specifically to allow a visitor into the square of the vatican palace. Then more guards to let you into the building and a guard who escorts you through a long corridor leading to the Vatican rooms and up to the meeting room. Everything with precision. Someone to ring bells for you as you walk from one room to another. You cant just show up with a guitar unannounced and by chance. What a stupid excuse.

So what were the issues of such importance -- did they ask the vatican to open their baptismal records so that all the children taken in by Catholics and by the church during WW2, would at least know their true heritage before they die??? (Rabbi Gluck should know this issue -- Poland is full of this). Did they ask the vatican to open the vatican vaults and allow researchers to examine the Jewish artifacts and books they keep?