Thursday, May 18, 2017

David Berns and Jonathan Shrier two backstabbing Jews working in the US Consulate in Jerusalem

David "the dope" Berns

The two US officials that embarrassed the Trump administration, that told Israeli officials that the Kotel is not part of Israel, have been outed, and it turns out that they are two self-hating Jewish traitors.

One of the disgusting bastards is none other than David Berns, the political counselor at the US Consulate in Jerusalem and the other bastard is Jonathan Shrier, the economic counselor to the Consulate . They are Obama holdovers and it's time to clean house......
The Trump administration has already clarified that the traitors did not speak for the administration.....


Preserve Frappacino said...

Ed Day's son Chris Day who was a huge loser in the election for Congress is still desperate to fill a position where he can obstruct Jews. He is now running for Supervisor of Orangetown so he can stop Jews from spilling over into Nanuet & Pearl River.

His campaign platform is a point by point blueprint of eliminating the 'Jewish Menace'.

- Make Monsey Jews pay a fee if they stroll through an Orangetown park

- Obstruct Monsey real estate agents

- Change zoning laws to make it impossible to open shuls & yeshivos

- Manipulate water, air & traffic "studies" to ban Jewish developments

- Make sure there is no profitability for Jewish investors to rent out homes they buy

- Ban Jewish street parking

This one is the "best":

- Open a fund with tax dollars to buy any property priced to sell before a Jewish investor gets his claws on it

Anonymous said...

Shapiro criticized Israel's settlements and never had any harsh words to say about Arab terror. Looks like Trump is switching sides every day and he loves this Mcmaster thug and bully, now Netanyahu was told not to accompany Trump to the Kotel, and there's open talk about it being in Palestinian territory. Unless Trum promises what he said he would do i'll join the impeachment crowd, he's just a talker.

Anonymous said...

to frappacino %%%%.
who cares/ you're in golus, you have a choice, move to bnai brak and stop whining so much. jews shouldn't spill into Nanuet, they have another place to move, which they will, sooner than later.