Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Yom Ha'atzmaut 2016

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Vital Statistics: Israel Has Grown from 806,000 to 8,522,000 Citizens in 68 Years

In 1948 Israel’s annual GDP (in 2015 rates) was $6.66 billion. Today we are happy to report things have become much better, with the GDP reaching $294 billion.


Unknown said...

Jerusalem East or Jerusalem West ...
by Shmuel Knopfler

Just received e-mail from a Charedi Rabbi who alludes to the fact that
we make Jerusalem here in the Goldene Medina.
Indeed Mitzvat Yishuv Haaretz has never been easier.
We can simple relish the (Exile) sorry Diaspora;
Exile is too harsh of a description for America.
The Ramban left Spain straight to Eretz Yisrael by rickety boat
without a respite
or stop over in some Jewish enclaves i.e. Italy, Bulgaria or Turkey
like others like Rabbi Yosef Caro. The Ramban landed in Acco and found
The Holy Land in a total devastation. Nevertheless in his letter to
his son in Catalonia
he writes how he finally found "Eretz Chemda".
He managed to get 10 Jews for Shabbos Minyan & was hoping for a Sefer
Torah from Schem.

Why all this hardship for Mitzvah Chiyuvis or Kiyumis.
You can live as a "Frumer Yid" in the Diaspora and make Brooklyn,
Lakewood or Monsey your home.

Those who live in Eretz Israel are the true Lovers of Zion whether
"observant" or "not-yet observant."
In 1948 we had 500 Yeshiva bachurim; with Jewish population of 600,000
now we have 50,000+ out of a population of 7 million+ "Ken Yirbu."

There are more than 300 Torah publications per month in Israel ...
contrast that with America 30 per month.

In the Goldene Medina USA we currently have 6 Million Jews. Before
WWII we also had 6 Million. (Core Jewish). With normal geometric
progression we should have 60 Million. Granted we have Yeshivot and
nice pockets of "frum" Jewish neighborhhods; that does not set off the
attrition due
to ZPG (zero population growth) which is 2 Children per family; coupled
with assimilation & intermarriage; we are left with a Large "Beis HaChayim"
thus silent Holocaust ...

In Israel we have close to 2 million observant Jews (Shomrei Shabbat &
Taharas HaMishpacha)
In America we have no more than 450,000

Contrast that with Israel. Despite the "visionaries of doom" of the
"Secular State" not to be created, Israel thrives on with miracles.
There is more Torah learning in Eretz Yisrael than the entire world
combined. Over 300 Seforim per month published. In World Economy
Israel is No# 1 to invest in just ask Warren Buffett who is looking
for more firms in Israel besides Iscar purchased for $10 Billion
Dollars with management intact & promised not to move the firm outside Israel.
A simple gentile from Omaha Nebraska who is fascinated with The Holy
Land & its people.

Happy Birthday Israel 3000 years old 69 years young.
Happy Yom Yerushalayim 3000 years old 49 years young & unified
בברכת התורה והארץ

Unknown said...

בן סורר ומורה ... בר סטי ומרי ... תרגום
Satu Mare

Anonymous said...

Did Rav Shlomo Zalman say hallel? No. Did he educate his students and families to say hallel. No. So whoever put this together is pushing an obvious agenda. The difference is that Rav Shlomo Zalman as well as many Gedolim were able to be grateful for what happened even though they disagreed hashkafically and halachically. Unfortunately as time goes on this art is lost and ppl become extremists on both ends. Perhaps if you push the middle agenda and stop making everything extreme Satmar or extreme Zionist people will come around again.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous-How can you be grateful for something and disagree halachically and hashkafically? Does everything we are given derive from the One above? Is Hakaras Tov an underlying principle of Judaism? Is your statement not an oxymoron?