Sunday, May 22, 2016

J-Street received $576,500 from Obama to push Iran Lies!

The Obama administration tapped J-Street via a wealthy US foundation to carry out a propaganda campaign for its Iran nuclear deal.
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The far-left J-Street lobby, which calls itself a “pro-peace” and “pro-Israel” organization, received $576,500 dollars last year to push the Obama Administration’s Iran deal, via the Ploughshares Fund, according to an AP report.

The question most frum Jews are asking, is : How much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ did Ezra "the kapo" Friedlander get to back the Iran deal?????

The Ploughshares Fund, one of the main groups named by the Obama administration’s spin doctor Ben Rhodes, set its sights on other media organizations in its campaign too. Their goal, according to Rhodes was to set up an echo chamber of pro-Iran messages bouncing back and forth between different organizations and individuals.
For instance, utilizing the services of the ad agency, the Ploughshares Fund attempted to directly reach politically active US Jews via online advertising on Israeli and Jewish websites, with a budget in the tens of thousands of dollars.
I’m looking to run on local Jewish community sites in PA, NY, MD or run on Jewish sites that can geo-target to these states.
More information below –
Timing: Sept 5th – September 18th
Goal: Completed video views and traffic to landing page
Geo: PA, NY, MD
Budget: $5- $40k
Target: Jewish people (preferably politically active)
GMMB was particularly interested in advertising on, which did not run their ads. They were even willing to prepay for their campaign.
Two other sites GMMB expressed interested in advertising on were the Times of Israel and the
Banner ads that ran in the various newspapers and websites appeared to be from different organizations, which then led to different pro-Iran Deal websites and YouTube channels.
The Times of Israel ran ads for an organization called “No Nukes for Iran Project“, which of course supported the Iran deal.
Ads were also run on Google.
But the underlying account name from the back-end ad server sent to said “Ploughshare Fund”.
Ploughshares Fund account information for the pro-Iran deal campaign to run on Jewish websites


Ma Rabbi said...

J Street is a leftist Anti-Israel organization that pretends to be
Pro-Israel. What an outrageous lie.

Unknown said...

J Street anti Zionist on the left ...
Satmar & Co. anti Zionist on the right ...
Methodology is different ... Objective is the same ...
Besmirch The Zionist State ...
What a nice Shiduch ...