Thursday, May 19, 2016

KJ Neighbors Furious With Satmar Annexation of Land in Monroe

Satmar chastises the State of Israel for attempting to annex land that actually belongs to the Jewish people. 

They explain that there is a biblical prohibition of "Hisgarus Be'Umois" .... not to antagonize the gentiles!
This argument is actually bubbkis, since the Ramban already paskened a thousand years ago that there is a chiyuv to conquer all of Eretz Yisroel even while we are in exile
הרמב״ן כותב בפירוש שחיוב כיבוש ארץ ישראל הוא אפילו בזמן הגלות

But the Satmar "maremorsher" hypocrites, find it easy to give The State of Israel, mussar, ..... while, they, in exile, in this country of chesed, the USA,...... have no problems causing a huge Chillul Hashem, by annexing land in Monroe.

Now, they would never have tried this in Szigat, Orsheveh, Krula or even in Saktmer, Romania, because the gentiles over there would have knocked the living daylights out of them.....but in the USA they can be a bunch of thugs because, meanwhile, the politicians are supporting their illegal shenanigans! 

They even supported the crazed suicidal Iran deal, choosing to side with a President that is a Muslim sympathizer, instead of supporting their own brothers and sisters in Israel! 

R' Aron TeitelBUM, (Chuchim fin dee Ma Nishtana) the "spiritual" leader of KJ, even ordered his sheep to send letters to Senators and Congressman to boycott the Prime Minister of Israel, that was addressing Congress on the craziness of this deal, that has now been exposed as a bunch of lies.

Well, the FBI is now thanking the Satmar leaders for their support, by sending in Federal investigators to probe the entire KJ kehillah r"l!

Now .... don't get me wrong, and I have said this before, I believe strongly that Satmar has every right to expand ....but it must be done legally and in a way not to antagonize the neighbors and cause a Chillul Hashem!


Unknown said...

Satmar goons very active in Mar-mi-Rosh 100 years ago not enraging the goyim but by acting against Jews by throwing frogs & nails into the Nashim Mikveh of Spinka ...
Today subconsciously the proud Satmar Chasid is vocal & violent for his survival due to The State of Israel that empowers the Jew to stand up with his head raised high ...
The days of bootlicking sycophants are gone ...
Give credit to The Heiliger Medina ...

Anonymous said...

"the Ramban already paskened a thousand years ago..."
The Ramban was born in 1194 (822 years ago) and died in 1270 (746 years ago.

Anonymous said...

You shtick drek Nazi Ben Nazi Amalek Ben Amalek, guess you don't know what chazal say about you GYHINOM KALA VEHEIM EINOM KALIM YEMACH SHIMCHU VEORUR IMECHU ORUR YOLADTECHO, UBAU ALECHU KOL HAKELALOS SHEBETORAH

Dusiznies said...

Ha ha hee ha!
You have nothing to answer you curse...that is the Satmar answer to legitimate criticism of their archaic SHIT'ah!
Ha ha!