Saturday, May 14, 2016

Firefighter put out fire in Meah Shearim and get thanked with smeared PLO Stickers

One of the stickers
One of the offending stickers

The Meah Shearim residents are experts in "hakaras hotov"
and were eager to show it to the firefighters that came to extinguish a fire in one of their homes!

They went and shmeared PLO stickers on the fire trucks!

I know the e-mails I'm going to get ....
 "it's only a bunch of crazies" ...
"don't include all the residents, they are all tzaddikim"

To that I answer, "this is unacceptable, and if they know who these guys are and stand by and do nothing, they are all guilty! Absolutely!

I stopped shopping in their stores years ago .....I do go to my favorite stores in Meah Shearim and tell the owners " sorry, but I cannot support terrorism"

Firefighting crews that worked on Thursday evening to put out a fire in an apartment located in Jerusalem's Meah She'arim neighborhood were surprised to find anti-Israeli stickers with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) flag stuck to their fire engine.

Making the incident all the more troubling is that it took place on Israeli Independence Day.

One of the stickers read "Jews are not Zionists" in Hebrew, Arabic and English, with the PLO flag in the background.

The stickers had especially strong glue, and the crews were force to spend a long time trying to remove them until they finally succeeded in doing so with high pressured water from the fire engine's pumps.

The incident comes after a similar provocation on Israeli Memorial Day, when anti-Zionist haredi extremists from Neturei Karta hung a huge sign in the center of Meah She'arim presenting haredim who enlisted to the IDF as fallen soldiers.

Police forces were dispatched to remove the sign.


Unknown said...

Let these ingrates enjoy 1 day in Gaza ...

Anonymous said...

I hesitate to wish harm to another Jew.
In this case I'll make an exception. Filth.

Unknown said...

וּבִעַרְתָּ הָרָע, מִקִּרְבֶּךָ.