Sunday, May 8, 2016

Hisachadas Haganovim allowed Kitniyois in the milk

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Golden Flow, and other milk companies, place Vitamin D in the milk as a supplement ...
The problem is that the Vitamin D that Golden Flow uses, contains kitneyois, which the Ashkanzi community will not eat on Pesach ..
and there is no "batel be'shishim" when it comes to sofek chametz, especially when it is put in the product on purpose.
The Ganovim knew about it, but remained quiet, because it would have cost them hundreds of thousands to recall the milk...
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Golden Flow is under the hashgacha of the Hisachdas HaGanovim ... the most extreme chumridik hashgacha in the entire universe....

If you ate OU products on Pesach, G-D forbid, you were  looked down upon and considered a shaygatz, no one will ever be meshadech with your daughter, if they knew about it. And if you snuck some rice, Chas Ve'sholom into your house, you were considered in Williamsburg as part of the Eirav rav,  but if you are an Ashkenazi and slurped Golden Flow with the Hisachdas Hashgacha then you are Tzaddik, even though you consumed kitniyois!

Yudel's blog reported this today ..


Anonymous said...

Sachdis has had many similar scandals which they covered up. If Rabbi Yudel Shain catches them with their hoizen down they cry "hefsid meribba" that, supposedly, some mystery poisek was mattir for them. Maybe the poisek's name is Itzu Glick.

Yudel caught them a few years ago that the mashgiach came late to the Pesach citric acid production. Citric acid could be ok or kitniyos or even chometz. But because no one was there it was a big unknown that year.

There was also the scandal with Shufra cocoa from China that had no mashgiach for Pesach one year despite that the Chinese are known to cheat by adding a percentage of cheaper chometz flour. The main villains covering that up were the Lubavs at OK but there was a Satmar dayan who knew something but never told anyone.

Go ahead & use heimishe shgooches on Pesach but be aware that Sachdis does not meet the criteria of one of them.

Anonymous said...

1) Kitniyos is not "safek chametz."

Regarding milk, see the following, from the OU:
April 11, 2016

Chametz before Pesach is like any other issur in that it can be batel b’shishim. However, if pirurim (crumbs) ofchametz b’en might remain in the food, even if those crumbs are batel chad b’trei, the chametz on Pesach will bechozer v’niyur. However, Rema (O.C. 447:4) writes that if the chametz is lach b’lach (either just ta’am from chametzor the chametz is completely dissolved) then once it becomes batel before Pesach, it will remain batel.

Example: Non-Passover certified milk may contain chametz vitamins. If the milk was bottled before Pesach, the milk may be consumed on Pesach, because the vitamins dissolve in the milk (lach b’lach) and are batel. However, if the vitamins are added on Pesach, they are not batel. The milk may not be consumed.

Anonymous said...

11:58 pm, you are missing one point.

The heimishe hashgochos claim they do not rely on being mevatel things lechatchila.

If they are OU standard they should charge OU prices. It is fraud to claim to be a higher standard when you are not.

Anonymous said...

to anything about sakmer and shachdis the answer is ..... DUH!

Anonymous said...

Although the OU writes that you can consume the milk, the OU will not give certify as "kosher for passsover" such milk. I buy non-chalav yisroel milk that has an OU year round. For pesach there was a stamp from the triangle K on the milk that it was kosher for passover. Apparently the OU did not want to certify this milk for peasach due to bitul concerns.