Sunday, May 22, 2016

Why are Jewish Organizations Joining Obama in forgetting the Jew, Bob Levinson, and letting him rot In Iran?

Jewish Organizations  keep preaching "Pidyan Shevuim" to us.... and asking the tzibbur to do everything in their power to get Jewish prisoners that are languishing in jails released!

But no one seems to care about Bob Levinson who worked for the CIA and disappeared in Iran!

The Iranians aren't saying anything, and Obama who worked on getting other hostages released when he negotiated the dangerous Iran deal, let Levinson rot!
The holy Jewish organizations aren't doing anything for a fellow Jew. If he had langeh peius and a baldy haircut, he would have been out already!

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Unknown said...

Robert Alan "Bob" Levinson is an American private investigator and retired U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and FBI agent.
He disappeared on March 9, 2007, when visiting Iran's Kish Island while supposedly researching a cigarette smuggling case.
It is reprehensible that his case is kept quiet ...