Thursday, May 12, 2016

Obama thanks Satmar for backing his disastrous Iran deal with a full blown FBI investigation of KJ on Yom Hatzmaot

The Satmar Yiddish weeklies, Der Goy and Der Bluteh, advocated for the cruel Iran deal, because, as they put it ... "we have to back the leader of our host country!" Especially  since it is at the expense of their brothers and sisters living in Eretz Yisroel! 

R' Aron Teitelbum, Satmar rebbe of Kiryas Yoel went so far as to have a "write in campaign" to Senators and Representatives begging them  to not attend Netanyahu's speech in Congress!

Turns out that according to this past Sunday's New York Times, "the entire Iran deal was sold on lies" this according to Obama's own aide Ben Rhodes!

Obama had huge "Hakaras Hatoiv" to the holy rebbe for his support and promptly sent a team of FBI investigators to Kiryas Yoel  to find evidence of fraud and corruption, on Yom Hatzmaot, no less!

Approximately 15-FBI agents followed by the local Sheriff including agents from the Sullivan County DA's Office entering the UTA building.


Anonymous said...

DIN, your headline is dripping with so much sarcasm that you will need to take a shower.

(It's already erev Shabbos so that Satmar loser with the shita that taking showers in the vochens is only for "lowlives" cannot get angry at you)

There were by the way dozens of agents who included also from ATF & Orange DA, besides Sullivan.

And newspapers are reporting it is connected to the molester menahel. His cheder was raided along with KJ's Public Safety office.

Anonymous said...

In other words this piece of human garbage Aron Teitel-bum is no better than the Jewish Kapos of 70 years ago when they helped the Nazi beasts destroy their own brothers and sisters,this bastard gangster is doing the exact same thing,
when the prime minister of Israel came to America to beg congress to oppose Hussein Obama's murderous deal with the Iranians in enabling them to get nuclear weapons which they will use to enable to keep their promise to wipe Israel off the map,this RASHA MERUSHA ,this KAPO bastard this murderous gangster had the audacity to write to all the N.Y congressmen and senators not to attend the Prime minister speech and to support the Jew hating Hussein Obama's policy that will enable Iran to get their bloody hands on nuclear weapons,which would be a death sentence for the six and half million Jews in Israel.
Let's all hope and pray that this FBI raid on this IR HANIDACHAS "Kiryas Yoel will result in the arrest and incarceration of the KAPO IN CHIEF this murderous poisonous rattle snake Aron Teitel-bum. SHEIM RESHAIM YIRKAV.
by the way his brother the criminally insane Israel hating barbarian "Zalmen" is not any better than him

Unknown said...

בן סורר ומורה ... בר סטי ומרי ... תרגום
Satu Mare