Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Thousands hike at midnight to visit Joshua’s grave protected by IDF

Under a clear starry sky they hiked some 20 minutes into the village square, that was packed with worshipers, many of whom were Hassidic men in black hats and coats. Soldiers with green flashlights helped direct them through the twisted turns.

Some of the visitor played guitar, banged on drums, sang and danced. Many others stood and prayed along the walls of the grave. The building itself is so small that it can only a small number of worshippers.

A few worshipers climbed onto the tomb’s rooftop to pray.

Yaacov was one of the privileged few who able to ride into the village, because he entered with his childhood friend, MK Oren Hazan (Likud).
“It is amazing to see the crowds of Israelis who have come here late at night to visit Joshua’s grave, who was secondly only in greatness to Moses. He was our first general and he lead the way into the land of Israel,” Hazan said.

There is a direct link, Hazan said, between Joshua’s actions as the first military leader to capture the land on behalf of the Jewish people and the modern Jewish people who have returned to their biblical homeland in the heart of the Samaria region of the West Bank.
“We have to continue with this mission to redeem the land, so that we can finally be a free people in our land,” Hazan said.

As he left, he stopped to thank the soldiers guarding the way, shook their hands and gave them his personal cellphone number so they could call him should they need anything. 

Hazan also paused to take a selfie by a monument topped by Palestinian flag.

Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan also said that he viewed Joshua as Israel’s first general.

“We have come here precisely because Joshua Ben Nun and Calev Ben Yephune had the strength to stand against the ten other spies and to say, the land is good, let us rise up and inherit it,” Dagan.

“We draw strength from Joshua and from the thousands who came here,” said Dagan. 


Unknown said...

We should be able to visit these graves during the days as well ...
Not only at night so that not to disturb the peaceful Arabs neighbors ...

Anonymous said...

Someone should ask these uber chareidi ignorant savages,why they had to ask the TUMENE TZIYONISHTIShE "IDF" to protect them,after all we all know that it is NOT the TZAHAL that protects Israel but it is the HEILIGE LEIDIG-GAYER kollel yungeleit who protect the country with their TOIREH,