Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Yisroel Dovid Weiss, Fuhrer of Jewish Nazi Party, disrupted a recent Hillel movie screening on California College Campus

Neturei Karta’s Yisroel Dovid Weiss disrupted a recent Hillel movie screening and a speech
Fuhrer Yisroel Dovid Weiss ym"s of the Jewish Nazi Party

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 Y.D.Weiss YM"S, Fuhrer of the Jewish Nazi Party, a movement financially supported by both Satmar Factions, organized a massive disruption of a recent Hillel pro-Israel movie screening and a speech on the University of California campus!

Weiss, wearing the Palestinian scarf, and dressed like a Chassidic Jew, was helped by an  Arab Student group, that goes to campuses..and disrupts students in Hillel centers giving speeches to students interested in Israel!

During the disruption, event attendees were held hostage for nearly an hour by aggressive protesters and eventually had to be safely escorted out by police.  The Fuhrer and some lady Arabs dressed in hijabs were seen giggling.... 

According to witnesses and university officials, protesters shouted threatening and violent profanities and attempted to push their way inside the room. 

Chants of “Long live the intifada,” were heard loudly.

The week before, during Anti-Zionism Week 2016, Fuhrer Weiss, invited to speak by the Muslim Student Union (MSU) and Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), spewed classic anti-Semitic tropes accusing Jews of mendacity, criminality and controlling the government. 

UC Irvine has played host to a number of anti-Semitic events over the past decade including the disruption of a speech by Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren where multiple student protesters were arrested and prosecuted.

Fuhrer Weiss and his organization The Jewish Nazi Party that also goes by the name Netrunei or Neturei Karta is financed by The Satmar Community!


Ma Rabbi said...

Its time to stop this idiot Weiss. Surely pressure can be brought on the Shul where he davens and the Yeshiva where his kids go.

Anonymous said...

You idiots are so obsessed with the anti Zionist activities i guess they're doing a superb job, and btw the Zionist movement are called for over 70 years by all frum Jews as the NAZI-ZIONIST movement so now you're copying, i guess it really hurts when the truth is said

Anonymous said...

May hashem punish this evil bastand Weiss and the anonymous poster who stands behind him and all the rest of the Israel hating beasts dressed as chasidim.

Unknown said...

Yisroel Dovid Weiss & his entourage live in pastoral Monsey.
Time has come to excoriate & expunge these cretins from shuls as well as schools.
Enough with white wash & cover up.

Shvantz said...

I figured DIN would get a kick out of this picture. Hingrik Satmar bochurim getting off the boat in 1953, given some non-shmura machine matzoh to enjoy by the Zionists of NY HIAS.

Anonymous said...

Enough enough enough so what's your plan? Are you just screaming or you have a plan to make it happen? LOL obviously you don't so it's time you take your medication so you won't be so hyper, oh and btw who are you representing anyway besides your toilet seat?

Romanisher Ferd said...

Are Spring Valley Police looking into Weiss as a suspect in the Israeli flag larceny?

Anonymous said...

Weiss is attention seeking filth. As is the anonymous fool who tries to troll. I wish another holocaust on you.

Zee said...

Nope only by the ungarichas! Zionism was very popular in lita. And as a matter of fact if ww1 didnt break out Rav Kook would have been a part of Agudah.