Monday, January 19, 2015

Why the movie about Martin Luther King removed all traces of Jews in "Selma"

There is a new movie out there about the life of Martin Luther King ....called "Selma"
When Martin Luther King marched on Selma,..... just two feet away from him was Rabbi Joshua Heschel, marching with him, but you wouldn't know it watching this movie!

They also twisted and re-wrote the true history between the relationship of LBJ and King. Those of us that were alive during the Civil Rights Movement will remember that the one who was in the fore-front of this movement was the President at that time, Lyndon B. Johnson, and King had a great relationship with LBJ, but you wouldn't know it watching the movie....

But Blacks are miffed that it didn't get nominated for an Academy Award..even though the movie is not related in anyway to the truth, and was the figment of the Director's imagination.

So, I'm sure, you're all thinking, "why does  DIN care?" 
I do care because by in large the audience of this movie will be blacks, and if the Director would have stuck to the facts, more blacks would have seen that it was the Jews that were fighting for them to get equal rights, and maybe, just maybe, we would be able to begin to turn around some of this black hatred against Jews!
But the Director who is anti-White and anti-Jews had a different agenda and now she is reaping what she sowed....
a movie that will be thrown into the dustbins of history and will soon be forgotten! 

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