Thursday, January 22, 2015

Are Gedoilim Today Misleading Chutz L'Aaretz Jews Again and advising them "to stay put in Europe?

Wasn't one of the reasons that Gedoilim didn't want Jews to leave Europe pre WW2, was because of the bad spiritual influence in the US and in the then Palestine?
And didn't those who defied the Rabbis survive and that those who listened, by in large perish?
And didn't the Babalonian Jews use that exact reason to Ezra HaSoifer and the Navi Nechamia?

Well, they are doing it again.... ???????????????
They are telling the French Jews to remain in France, even if it means getting slaughtered by the Islamists!

Wouldn't it be better if the Chareidim worked to get Olim to be frum....? Showing them by example?

Zionism is not just the restoration of the Jewish People to their historical homeland; it is the restoration of Judaism to its rightful place as the center of our national life. For too long Judaism was confined and shackled into the corner of most people’s lives; that dark, often ignored, space called religion. Zionism is the extraction of Judaism from its prison and the rescue of its values. It’s an opportunity to prove that religion is not irrelevant nor out of touch with the fundamental needs and concerns of the modern man.

Our Charedi brothers and sisters in the Land of Israel are in an unique position to help make this happen. They represent some of the most loyal Jews to Judaism and Jewish peoplehood. They are fully committed to Jewish education and have a birthrate that puts the Jewish secular and religious-Zionist camps to shame. The Charedim believe in the primacy of Torah, it is “their lives and the length of their days.” What they fail to understand is their responsibility to the rest of the people of Israel. By continuing their “siege mentality” the haredi world is disconnecting themselves from their fellow Jews and thus rendering the Torah they represent impotent.

No one is asking the Charedi public to abandon their values. Nor are they asking them to embrace secular life and culture. What they are asking for is an embrace of Jews who are different from them. An embrace of their fellow Jews is not an acceptance of a lifestyle they do not condone. What it does entail is affording the secular public the “right to be wrong.” After all, is that not the very same right that the secular majority has afforded them for close to seven decades now? An embrace of our fellow Jews is itself an extension of the same Torah values they hold so dear.

Our sages caution us that derech eretz kadma la-Torah, the way of the world precedes the Torah. We must first be part of the world before we can be part of Torah. If the Charedi world believes they have a mission to be a “light unto the nations” then they must become part of Israel beyond backroom politics securing budgets for their continued separatism.

Israel needs  Charedim.

In a generation in which we are beginning to question our rights to this land and our role as the Chosen People, the Charedim offer an unabashed narrative asserting our connection to the land and the special role the Jewish people play in history. 

But Charedim also need the Chilonim! They need Chilonim to provide the goods and services necessary to sustain the yeshivot and their way of life. They need Chilonim to provide the infrastructure that a state requires in the 21st century. They need the Chilonim as to serve as the utensil for the content they are producing.

Instead of rejecting from afar the state’s institutions as devoid of Torah, how about accepting the invitation to come and try to influence from within? I have no doubt that such an influence will be beneficial to all parties involved and will yield a true example of Jewish unity.

In a shiur given by Eida Chareidis Ravaad HaGaon HaRav Moshe Sternbuch Shlita on Wednesday, Rosh Chodesh Shevat, the rav addressed the recent acts of terrorism in France and the calls from Israeli government officials to French Jews to come to Israel. Rav Sternbuch stated that Israel is not safer, referring to the Jews from Yemen and their spiritual destruction in Israel, which he feels is likely to occur in the event of a mass aliyah from France.
Excerpts from the rav’s word, who spoke of the time when Israel wished to induct women, and the Brisker Rov, Rav Yoel of Satmar and other gedolim abroad waged a war against it. He explained there were those who opposed the gedolim for they felt they were showing the world the division between Jews, but the gedolim were undeterred for they realized they must fight the chilul Hashem as taught by the Shulchan Aruch and Rambam. Opponents were busy with the superficial adopted by the majority, those who clearly did not understand the how one is compelled to act.
“And in our times, the government sends emissaries to France to bring the French Jews here, to disperse them as they did with the Yemenite children who were taken from their homes and not even permitted to observe Yom Kippur. They were told in Eretz Yisrael one does not have to observe mitzvos and the same can happen today regarding French Jewry R”L and if we the rabbonim of Eretz Yisrael and the Diaspora do not proclaim publicly that it is forbidden for them to come to Israel until such time it is certain that they will be settled in chareidi areas and attend chareidi mosdos. We mustn’t be afraid at all of making such a declaration nor of a chilul Hashem. On the contrary, this is the true Kiddush Hashem, and the nations of the world will know we oppose the aliyah of French Jewry to Eretz Yisrael, for they will be tricked here, and this has been proven that there is no difference between Eretz Yisrael and France for in Eretz Yisrael today, a terror attacked occurred on a bus.

“HaGaon HaTzaddik Rav Moshe Schneider ZT”L told me that when they wanted to come from Germany, the Jewish Agency refused to give permits, telling them youths have priority for aliyah so they may live here as opposed to the elderly… My rebbe and teacher responded to them harshly, telling them their words are nonsense – the opposite for the young are free of Torah and Mitzvos when they come to Israel and they are already dead for the wicked are referred to as dead in their lifetime, but we who come to Eretz Yisrael to serve Hashem and dedicate our lives to this service, we are living and will never die for our good deeds will stand forever. But the young, the free, have died some time ago.

והרי הם שולחים “מתים” ממש לארץ ישראל”.


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Anonymous said...

Luckily,Nobody pays ANY attention to these radicals.
They'll start coming from the chareidi 'hoods of London, Antwerp and Die Schveitz very soon.
No?... Where are they gonna go ? Hong Kong ??
Oh , they'll come to N.Y, N.J and Sunny Miami... yeah, right..


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Who's gedolim? the EDAH HACHREDIS represents a very small segment of the chareidi population in Jerusalem,they do not represent GER,VIZSNITZ,BELZ,or any of the so called yeshivish world.
The EDAH consists of the TOLDOS AHRON crazies and the SATMAR hoodlums and a small smattering of extreme anti zionist idiots,no one but no one takes them seriously anymore they have become completely irrelevant,they have become nothing but a big kashrus organization running a multi million dollar business

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Read the pesukim about what happens to E'Y well people are Mitamei it with things like Toevah. Rav Shterbuch is 100% right on this.

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So why doesn't Rav Sternbuch himself leave the country?