Monday, January 5, 2015

What really happened last week when "Settlers targeted Americans"

Most Newspapers, including all the Satmar anti-Jewish Newspapers, reported an incident that happened last week  in Shomron, an area that Jew Haters call "The West Bank." 

According to the Wall Street Journal the "crime" was that some Jewish settler guys near a Jewish settlement, pelted with stones a US Consulate Security Vehicle.

What was the US Consulate convoy doing there?

Hold on to your seats .... guys
They were there to "investigate" and "protect" Olive Tree Saplings planted by Palestinians on or near the Jewish settlement, from being uprooted!


There were no US convoys "investigating" and "protecting" over 600 girls in Nigeria that were raped, kidnapped and sold by the vicious Islamist Boko Haram!

There were no US convoys "investigating" and "protecting" Christian copts that were murdered and beheaded in cold blood by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt!

Why isn't the US Embassy in Rwanda driving a convoy to help protect the Tutsis' plants from the Hutus?

And where was this convoy when our Ambassador and his Security guards were brutally murdered in Benghazi?

By the way, these olive trees have been used to shield Palestinian Muslim terrorists who use these olive orchards to hide and then emerge to engage in mass murder of Israeli families on Jewish settlements.

Another interesting issue is that the two American diplomats in the convoy were headed to the Palestinian village of Turmosaya to speak with villagers, many of whom , the Wall Steeet Journal reports are "American citizens."
So now "oppressed Palestinians" are now "American citizens?"
Are they getting benefits?

Do you know the US Embassy in Israel reported back in 2000, that 40,000 of Ramallah's residents had US citizenship? 
Guess who they voted for?

And why wasn't the Israeli government notified of this US "mission?"

Why did this US convoy get a "Palestinian escort?"

Read the Article:

A group of Israeli settlers pelted a U.S. consulate security vehicle with rocks near a West Bank settlement during a visit Friday to investigate allegations that olive trees belonging to Palestinians had been uprooted, according to U.S. and Israeli officials. The confrontation between U.S. guards and armed settlers—the first of its kind in recent memory—didn’t result in any injuries.
A consulate spokesman said the U.S. is “deeply concerned” by the incident, and that the U.S. is offering video footage to aid in the Israeli investigation.Photographs provided by a Palestinian escort showed the black U.S. consulate vehicle, a Chevrolet Suburban, with a dent on the hood and scarred on the side from the melee. . . .
Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said that authorities are investigating the confrontation, but noted that the U.S. delegation had not coordinated the visit with the Israeli army before venturing out to the site. The U.S. delegation had come to the olive grove to investigate a report that Jewish settlers had uprooted thousands of olive tree saplings a day before. A Palestinian resident of the nearby village of Turmusaya, who witnessed the confrontation while guiding the U.S. security detail, said settlers placed barriers in the road and a group of them started throwing dozens of rocks at the vehicle.
“There were about 10 to 12 guys, they started to throw rocks on the car,’’ said Said Raibe, the guide. “ . . . Guys from the consulate security got out of the car, and tried to talk to them.”
They "got out of the car , and tried to talk to them?"
Why don't they try to "get out of their car to talk to" Hamas"? 
The question shouldn't really be: 
"Why are Israelis or Jews attacking American Embassy officials"?
The question is: Why the heck are the US Embassy and its Consulate using American dollars  to aid the Islamic war against the Jews?!" 

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