Monday, January 12, 2015

Why is the Satmar Rebbe quiet about the murdered French Jews?

He was so quick to give mussar to the parents of the three murdered teens.....
Remember when Aron Teitelbaum, had the chutzpah to attack the parents of the slain boys, while they were still in the shivah?
He ranted that the "blood of the three slain boys is on the parents' head", because they live in a "dangerous place"... 

Well, where is his mouth now? 

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Anonymous said...

This filthy piece of human garbage is busy now with much more important things,this animal again had his BEIS DIN print declarations ,that all the couples who had weddings in Kiryas Joel and the MESADER KIDUSHIN was not Aron Teitelbaum,the marriage is invalid and thy are living in sin ,and the children born are children born out of wedlock,and when it will come to the time of SHIDUCHIN
People should take it into consideration,and this GANGSTER this MAMZER even had the audacity to print the name of those children.
GEVALD,GEVALD,how could the RABBONIM from all over the world be quiet ,and not put this CRIMINALLY INSANE RASHA MERUSHA into CHEIREM