Wednesday, January 14, 2015

US Consulate in Jerusalem Plans to Arm 35 Arab Terrorists for Security Personnel?

This US administration is not only crazy and getting crazier, but is reckless!

In direct violation of a 2011 agreement between the US and Israel, the US Consulate now located in the Armon HaNatziv area of the capital, has fired its Jewish security personnel and plans to arm 35 Arab security guards. 

The guards are currently undergoing weapons training in PA (Palestinian Authority) occupied Yericho.

The agreement signed with Israel stipulates that only IDF combat veterans will be armed. This represents a significant breach of the agreement. Consular officials plan to use their new security team to escort diplomatic convoys in PA area. 

It appears with the entry of Mr. Dan Cronin as chief security officer 18 months ago, the relations with Israeli security personnel took a turn for the worse. 

Fired Israeli security personnel report the consulate is training the new Arab personnel in a US base in Yericho. They add that Cronin did not hide his disdain for them and his pro-Palestinian leanings. 

They add some of the new guards have been arrested in the past for rock-throwing attacks and some have relatives that have been linked to and involved in terrorism. They add the consulate has its own armory containing hand guns, automatic weapons and shotguns in violation of the agreements with Israel, Yediot Achronot reports.

From the US perspective, the new facility located in Armon HaNatziv is in fact the US Embassy in Palestine. The fleet of armored vehicles spends a great deal of time in PA areas, meeting with PA officials and monitoring “settlement activity” for the PA and the US.

Since Israeli law does not permit armed Israelis in PA areas, to date, the diplomatic convoys were protected by American agents carrying diplomatic passports when entering PA areas.

The consulate responded to the Yediot report stating that it has total confidence in its staff, adding there are many inaccuracies in the report but it is not discussing security matters. The statement ends explaining that it works in total cooperation with local authorities.

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