Saturday, January 17, 2015

Agudat Yisroel defies Internet Ban and establishes a Website

The don't call the website "Agudas Yisroel" ....naaa that would make it too obvious....
They sugar coat it .. calling the website 

"Lefkowitz Leadership Initiative" "LLI" ...

but the Website is ONLY about Agudah! 
Its Logo is the Aguda logo..

They do have a tiny warning ... and you need a magnifying glass to read it!

A division of Agudath Israel of America • ע"ש רב ישראל לעפקאוויץ ז"ל LLI Encourages our Visitors to Heed the Words of our Gedolim with Regard to Internet Use

Now I believe that they should have a website.. I'm all for it!

So my question is, What kind of message is this? 
And how do you reconcile the ban of the internet, with having a website?

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Kattowice said...

One website?

from here