Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bus Ad Campaign "Short Clothing Shortens Life"

Egged Bus Ad
I'm all for Tznius.... but where in the entire Torah does it say 
"Short Clothing Shortens Life?" 
And how many people are going to dress more Tzniusdik because of a Bus Ad?
How many people are they going to be Mekariev with this ad and how many people are they going to be me'racheik?
 How many people are going to ask, "What about all the people that die young and wear tznisdikeh clothing? Hmmm?

I'll tell you what "shortens life" ....
When  guys like Weingarten rape their own daughters and when guys like Weberman rape and molest countless innocent girls, and the community not only degrade and ostracize the victims, but go out and  raise funds and support these animals, that, my friends, "shortens lives"

A new Egged campaign has been launched in Jerusalem which involves signs that say “shorter clothing = shortens life”, and “in memory of the Kedoshim in Har Nof”. Needless to say the new tznius campaign has elicited the ire of anti-religious elements.
Critics of the new ad campaign are urging people to phone the Canaan Ad Company to complain. The social media network is being used to get the word out to oppose the ad campaign.
MK (Meretz) Michal Rosen has turned to Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz to pull the posters. She feels the ad is offensive to women, who have the right to dress as they wish.
Both Egged and Canaan explain that the ad campaign represents a viewpoint that is legitimate as are objections to the ad campaign but one has the right to pay to advertise one’s view. Egged’s Dan Ratner added that ad campaigns represent the diversity of Israeli life and as such, there are many viewpoints being expressed.


Anonymous said...

Where in the Torah? Don't be lazy and look it up by yourself
But in addition subhuman God-hating creatures like you are also part of the reason why there's a CHARON AF on the world
And finally self-hating individuals like you who decided that Weingarten or weberman are guilty without doubt cannot decide causes of punishment

Dusiznies said...

Shut up, you maggot!

Anonymous said...

Another reason why young Jews die,because of the two Satmar low life gangster brothers fighting in secular courts for the at 15 years,that my friend is the real reason.has nothing to do with the length of my wife's skirt

Anonymous said...

I know nothing of the cases being referred to here, but just thought I'd check in on our good friend, you know who, at 3:29.... Wonder if he was invited to a wedding this week, if he HEARD any gossip, what he HEARD, and did he per chance HEAR anything from the brandy- happy mechutanim dancing & balancing empty bottles on their head..

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Just skirted over some dog dooo...

Anonymous said...

Shut up!? That's it? Where's all the beautiful dirty language that your mama thought you?
But at least you're mekayem one chazal MODE BEMIKTZAS CHAYEV

Anonymous said...

No wedding tonite, good friend????????


No derHEAR...?????

Oy, Mechutayniste mei'eneh..
Mechutayniste gehtry'eh..

the Derby.....

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