Monday, January 26, 2015

Netanyahu must address Congress on the threat of Iran!

by Mark Langfan

I’m confused.  I thought Obama had called PM Netanyahu “Chicken**”  But now Obama says “Netanyahu spat in his face” because Netanyahu accepted a Joint-Session ofCongress speaking-gig despite Obama’s threats.  Obama can’t have it both ways.  Either, Bibi is a fraidy-cat, or he has courage and nerve .  

The real answer is Netanyahu has courage.

Obama will do everything he can do to get rid of Netanyahu in Israel’s March 2015 election, install a 'West Bank' terror-state, and keep the truth about Iran’s nukes from Congress, and the American people.  That is why it is vital Netanyahu come to the US Congress, and tell the truth about Iran.

For the past six years, PM Netanyahu has displayed undaunted courage facing up to Obama’s incessant Two-State-Solution extortion of pushing Israel into 1967 ‘Auschwitz borders', and his crowning of Iran as a nuclear weapons state.  

Why exactly did Obama call Bibi “Chicken**” and a “coward”?  

Well the exact quote from the Jeffrey Goldberg article goes like this:

 “This official agreed that Netanyahu is a “chicken**” on matters related to the comatose peace process, but added that he’s also a “coward” on the issue of Iran’s nuclear threat. The official said the Obama administration no longer believes that Netanyahu would launch a preemptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities in order to keep the regime in Tehran from building an atomic arsenal.”

Now, let’s break down Obama’s breach of protocol in calling the leader of America’s greatest democratic ally in the Middle East expletive-laced names.

To Obama, Bibi was unwilling to take “risks for peace,” so he’s “chicken**”?  
Is putting Tel Aviv in range of a Palestinian-Hamastan-katyusha rocket state brave?

  No, it’s suicidal.  

Is Obama calling Bibi “chicken**” because Netanyahu doesn’t want to commit national suicide? 

Bibi is upsetting Obama’s plans to stand by while Israel is destroyed.

To Obama, Netanyahu is a “coward” on the Iranian nuclear issue because Israel didn’t unilaterally bomb Iran. Iran’s multiple nuclear facilities are spread all over the place and in deep-bomb resistant bunkers over a 1000 miles from Israel. Then, there’s the 4500 meter high Zagros mountains that Israeli pilots would have to fly east over to get to the hardened nuke facilities. 

Was Bibi a “coward” for not unilaterally attacking Iran? 

No, he was a wise Israeli Prime Minister. 
In fact, it is Obama who is the coward for letting Iran continue to enrich uranium, and to build up approximately 8 uranium nuclear bombs-worth of enriched uranium. 

 Based on 2008 legally-mandated unclassifiedAmerican intelligence reports to Congress, virtually all of Iran’s enriched uranium has been enriched on Obama’s watch.

But, what if Obama is actually not merely just appeasing Iran?  

What if Obama is actually lying to the US Congress, and the world, and de facto arming Iran with nukes. In fact, the real reason Obama doesn’t want Netanyahu to come US Congress is that he will tell the truth about Iran. 

And, that is why every American must demand Netanyahu come to Congress, and give the true “State of the World” speech.  

For, if Roosevelt had been capitulating to Hitler like Obama is to Iran, and lying about Hitler like Obama is lying about Iran, Churchill would have also accepted a Joint-session of Congress invitation to tell the truth. Hence, it is principally in the supreme interest of the United States, not just of Israel, that PM Netanyahu come to Congress, and speak truth to the power of Obama’s Iranian policy.

Truth be told, what Obama is truly afraid of is the moment Netanyahu starts talking before the House and Senate and tells the truth about Iran.

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