Friday, January 9, 2015

4 Dead Including Gunman In Paris Kosher Grocery Hostage Crisis


Security forces stormed the grocery minutes after their counterparts assaulted the building outside Paris where two brothers suspected in the Charlie Hebdo killings had holed up.
The two police officials, who could not be named speaking about the quickly developing situation, confirmed the attacker died. One of the officials said three of the dead were hostages.
The gunman has been identified as Amedy Coulibaly.

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Anonymous said...

Will Islam hit blanket condemnations because of the terror attack in Paris?
“Is that attack Islam's fault?”
This scourge of Islam is a curse upon the whole planet and I am tired of hearing of all the “moderate Muslims.” There is absolutely no possibility of co-existence with this EVIL religion. The French and Europeans are learning this lesson the hard way. Most Americans have also woken up to the truth – although our “leaders” haven’t.
There have been a lot of religions since the dawn of history but this Islam is by far the most backwards, violent, sexist, anti-Semitic, anti –free speech, anti-civilization excuse for a religion that our planet has ever been cursed with. It brings us nothing but violence, death and terror. This world would be a PARADISE without Islam.
Ask the most “moderate” and peaceful Muslim if he willing to recognize the one and only Jewish State which has been practically begging for peaceful coexistence for almost 70 years. We all know the answer. No way. Not now. Not ever. That’s the Islamic version of “moderate.” No co-operation, no tolerance for non-Muslims, no peaceful co-existence.
Forget the sword its the atom bomb today!!!
Git Shabbos