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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Reform Rabbis Will Allow Transgenders to use Ladies Bathrooms

In historic move, the largest U.S. branch of Judiasm backs transgender rights
Rabbi Denise Eger, Shlitah
So there you have it, folks! 
Now men perverts will be able to legally enjoy ogling naked women in the bathrooms without sneaking any cameras in.
All they will have to do is wear a skirt!
I am just wondering if Satmar will follow suit! 
Because Satmar did follow the Reform's  hatred policy of the State of Israel! The Reform Movement was founded on hatred of Israel, in fact they put ads numerous times in the New York Times that their first loyalty is to the host country the USA, similar to Satmar Nutreinei Ads! For many years the Reform Rabbis prohibited having any Israel Bonds Appeals in their shuls, just like Satmar!
Reform also took the words "Zion" out of the siddur!

The largest branch of Judaism in the United States passed a far-reaching resolution supporting transgender rights Thursday, the latest step in a year that has seen the issue move from the shadows into the limelight.
At its biennial meeting in Orlando, Fla., members of the Union for Reform Judaism approved the resolution that calls for their congregations and children’s camps to have gender-neutral bathrooms and encourages gender-neutral language. The resolution, which passed on a voice vote, also calls for religious school staffers to receive training on gender issues and urges members to lobby governments on behalf of the transgender community.

Transgender issues have never been more visible or politically controversial. This year, celebrities such as Caitlyn Jenner have come out as transgender, propelling the issue into the mainstream media and national conversation.
Just this week in Houston, 60% of voters rejected a city measure that would have outlawed discrimination against gay and transgender people.
Opponents called it the "bathroom ordinance" and argued that restrooms could be used by everyone regardless of gender.
Bathrooms were not seen as controversial in the nine-point resolution adopted by the Reform Jews.
“This is a very historic resolution,” said Rabbi Denise Eger of Congregation Kol Ami in West Hollywood. Eger is also president of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, with 2,300 members the largest and oldest rabbinical organization in North America. She is the third woman and first lesbian to head the group.
Her congregation has about 300 households, she said. About 60% identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning.
“That this passed without a ‘no’ vote shows our overwhelming enthusiasm that we in Reform Judaism have,” she said by telephone from Florida. “It is about inclusion, which is one of the most important Jewish values.”


Echter yid said...

Wow so my cousin,,abby stien,,will be able to use the woman bathrooms,?

Abe said...

So lets say there's this person who's gender identity has been totally screwed by Hashem.
He was born a man with a woman's thought pattern's, desires and motivations. That person is transitioning from male to female, dresses and acts like a female and will be undergoing surgery to complete the transformation.
Now that person is in a public place and needs to use the bathroom. What should that person do?

Anonymous said...

Hey Nazi Kapo
"The reform movement was founded on hatred of Hashem vetoroso and of Klal Yisroel, not of hatred of "Israel", you're a real ignorant idiot you don't know even that little info that the reform movement was founded much before Zionism
And yes real Jews are proud to follow the authentic rules of Torah and chazal who clearly state the obligation of Jews to be loyal to the country where they're residing in galus, there's no mentioning of a state of Israel, yes chazal do mention that EY will be taken away from KY and once in galus we have no claim on the land of Israel till the coming of Moshiach
And btw reform Jews are as Jewish as the Zionists

Anonymous said...

"The Reform Movement was founded on hatred of Israel"
The Reform Movement was founded long before Israel existed!

Chaim said...

What is the din of a transvestite?

Sam Kay said...

Eretz Goshen next to Kiryas Joel has replaced the Kedusha of Eretz Yisrael ...
Eretz HaAmim has replaced Aretz HaKodesh ...
Who else can produce so much Kosher Pastrami, Gribenes & Methane Gas ... ?

Sam Kay said...

Transgenders that attend an Orthodox Shul which side of The Mechitza do they daven ... ?
Answer: On the Mechitza ... On the Fence ...

Sam Kay said...

Question was raised ...
What is the din of a transvestite?
What side of the Mechitza do they sit ... ?
Answer: They sit on the Mechitza ...Fence ...

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous up above: YOU ARE A MORON. If you believe that Chazal said you should be on good terms with your gentile neighbors in golus, why do you come to Monsey and build huge ugly apartment buildings all over town, when you know that your goyish neighbors HATE this and HATE you for it? Why do you come to Monsey and take over the local government, taking benefit after benefit for yourself and step all over your neighbors who can not bear to live near you with your policy of pouring concrete over every blade of grass and cut down every tree and crowd up the streets with huge amounts of traffic and go on all the welfare programs so your gentile neighbors can pay the bills for your medical and your housing and your food and all other benefits while they go to work like bahaimos to work for this? YOU ARE A HYPoCRite because you cause the neighbors to HATE JEWS. And then you hate Israel. FOR SHAME!

Anonymous said...

DIN,how dare you compare the misguided reform Jews to the criminally insane EVIL Israel hating barbarian Romanian SATMAR gangsters?,there is a very big difference between the two,the assimilated reform Jews are loyal citizens and are perfectly happy in the countries they live in and have no feelings towards Israel at all,but at no time do they claim that Jews have no right to live in their God given land and it should be given back to the murderous Arab enemy,as opposed to the evil Satmar KAPO gangsters,who proclaim to the whole world that Jews have no right to Eretz Yisroel before the arrival of the Messiah,and it legitimately belongs to the murderous Palestinian animals

Their Godfather the chief Kapo gangster Aron Teitelbaum,was interviewed not long ago by an Israeli reporter and was asked that after all Israel is a fact that cannot be undone,therefore according to the Satmar ideology what should be the solution to the Israel problem? so this ignorant savage bastard answered, "well let them dissolve the state and hand it over to the U.N,doesn't this evil MESHUGENER belong in an insane asylum for the criminally insane?

Echter yid said...

To you with respect,( sam kay) I have a question for you, WHY by ,mitzva tantz we are aloud to sit in one room with the (,woman/vieber) with out any (mechutza) with out any deviders,? any married man could look on other married woman, and vice versa, so my question to you is what I always had to everyone why when it comes to the so called ((mitzva// avierah tantz)) we don't need ,mechutzos,? Why is everyone comfortable to sit in one room with lots of nice dressed woman,? I don't have to tell you that when woman are going to weddings they dress nice and hot,? And sitting together with them by ,mitzva tantz, how come nobody has a problem with that,?, is there any halacha in Torah when we need mechutzas and when not,?