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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Kiddush Fight over Shmaltz Herring, One Herring Fresser Stabbed

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I don't know .... In my shul all Kideishim have a million different herrings ... 
I personally prefer the real Matjes Herring, and I would probably stab someone for a piece! 

During the Shabbas morning kiddush at a synagogue in Melbourne, Australia, one of the men stabbed his fellow synagogue mates, moderately wounding him in the upper body, according to a report in Kikar Shabbat.
The Age reports the attack happened near the Yeshiva Synagogue.Kikar HaShabbat says it happened at the Rambam Synagogue.
According to witnesses, a fight broke out between the two over some herring that one didn’t want to pass to the second. The man then picked up a knife and stabbed the other man, to the shock of everyone else there.
Hatzalah quickly treated the man and he was taken to the hospital.
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Sam Kay said...

Having Herring over Kiddush is a very important Minhag ...
It is so important that one may sacrifice himself over it ...

Zolel Vesovay (Fresser) Sefardi said...

It was a dafina fresser. Sefardim do not like herring.

Echter yid said...

Wow it had to be a good peace of herring that someone went berserk and stabbed someone for that ,I think we should deport some Australian herrings to ,new york ,maby it will be a good item in the groceries, that the shelves in the groceries will get emptied as soon as it arrives on the shelves,?