Sunday, December 3, 2017

Did Skver Bully Monsey Magazine Not to Publish Neighborhood adjoining New Square?

There is a popular weekly magazine in Monsey called "The Monsey View." 

Every week they select a particular Monsey neighborhood and feature its advantages, listing the shuls and describing the people that live there. This is to inform potential buyers, of all the great benefits that the featured area contains.
See Bulletin  on Bottom Left advertising New Hempstead "next week"

Notice this week's bulletin stating that for the next 2 weeks they will feature Airmont

Last week  "The Monsey View" placed a bulletin (see above photo) notifying its readers that they will feature the "New Hempstead" area in its forthcoming issue!

It has come to our attention that the New Skver Askanim may have threatened the magazine with a financial boycott if it featured New Hempstead, because the neighborhood adjoins New Square!

Being naive, not really believing that frum Jews would do something like that,  I picked up the magazine this past week, quickly perused its contents and .......found ...............

"So .....What did you find?????

Hold on to your seat...........
I found that they are featuring Airmont .....

"But what about the promised New Hempstead ???? Did you find that??"

Nada!! Gurnisht! Zero!!!!!!!!!!!

The View apparently caved in to the terrorists! 

So you ask .....
"What's wrong with Jews moving near New Square?" 
You wonder:
"Why would Skver askanim, who lead thousands, care????
Why would they oppose the idea of Frum Jews moving into the neighboring area??? ".... 
We are not G-d Forbid, talking about moving into New Square proper ..... but moving a half hour walk from New Square!
"Why would a fellow Jew oppose that?"


The Skverer askanim are afraid that the Chassidim will find out that there are other Jews out there that do not not live in New Square. 

What? "There are actually Jews living in New Square that don't know that there is an entire world outside of New Square????"
The children don't know and the hierarchy of New Square don't want the "Holy Children" the "tinokas shel bais rabbim" to get contaminated by other frum Jews and they therefore brainwash the children into thinking that other Jews who don't live in New Square aren't as frum and holy as they are ........

They are frightened that if other Chassidic Jews move nearby Skverer chassidim will notice that you can actually be a pious Chassidic Jew and yet ...... not live in New Square!!!

They not worried if very modern Jews move nearby........
because in the brainwashed view of their children...these frum Jews are Goyim!....and the askanim aren't worried that the children  would want to be Goyim .... But they are petrified that they may continue to be frum Jews but not Skver!

But doesn't Skver welcome Modern Jews????
Yes .... they do invite the "moderneh" to hakofos ...and yes they will invite them for Shabbos to eat herring ..... but in the recesses of their holy hearts.... the "moderneh" are mocked and laughed at and in their elite view ... the "moderneh" and even the "Yeshivishe" are only good as long as they can drain their bank accounts! 

They are also worried that the naive Skverer sheep will discover that one can actually be an observant Torah Jew and not worship a mere mortal! 

In order to further their agenda to separate the village with the rest of Monsey, the Skver Dayanim were ordered to rule that New Square Eirav cannot be included into the Monsey Eirav and must remain separate!

They do not want "oifgeklerteh" Skverer Chassidim to move out of New Square and then buy houses near New Square and then come Shabbos with their baby carriages to visit their parents. 
If that would happen there would be a mass exodus of Skverer Chassidim!

 The Skver hierarchy also ordered the chassidim to buy up all available properties in a mile radius, to prevent other fellow Jews from moving in!

To actually carry out these insane anti-Jewish evil directives .... Skverer guys bought available properties and then rented them out to latino drug dealers to scare others from buying affordable housing in the neighborhood and to intimidate Chasidishe guys that had already bought houses! These disgusting tactics brought down the value of the homes nearby and scared away potential buyers!

On Hempstead Road, for example, they bought numerous 1 family homes and then rented them out to Latino criminals who are destroying the neighborhood!

About a month ago there were gunshots reported on Hempstead Road adjoining Brick Church Road...from one of the homes that these Skveres" bought and rented out, and this happened on a Friday night!!!

Last year two quiet Satmar Chassidim with large families bought homes near New Hempstead Road. 
The 2 Satmarer Families stupidly thought that they would be able to finally bring their families from the crowded city to the beautiful spacious New Hempstead neighborhood; walking distance to New Square, for very reasonable prices, and give their children space to run around and a better life!

Not so fast!!!!!!!

Skver bought 1family homes next door on both sides of the homes and rented them illegally to multiple Latinos families; and so now they have shiksas prancing around in bikinis and thongs, creating a non kosher hostile environment, to prevent the Satmar children from playing outside on Shabbos!

Last year there was a naive Chassidishe Rebbele that bought a home in the New Hempstead area and wanted to open a shul ...........
Pashkevlim and posters were all over the neighborhood threatening to burn his house down .... 

And that was no idle threat, if you remember not too long ago a Skverer Chusid attempted to burn down a house in New Square with an entire family sleeping inside.  The chusid succeeded to burn the owner of the house putting him into the hospital with severe burns!
The Chusid sat in Jail for a while ..... Skverer askanim arranged for people to learn with him in jail every day ... and when he was released, he was released as a hero, and this convicted arsonist and attempted murderer, got engaged to a prominent Skverer family and got married!!!

So what was the crime of the guy whose family came close to being burnt to death?
His crime???????????
Guess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ....................Yes Guess!!!!!!!!!!

"Oh .  .... I know .... I know ....... he was mechalel Shabbos????????"
You would think?.........right?......

Guess again!!!!!

"His wife didn't cover her hair????????????"
Ha ha ha ha ha ..... good guess ........ Nope!

"Oh.... I know ..I Know......I know..... this time I got it.....
He didn't go to the "Heiliger Rebbes'" tish?????"
Nope..............but your'e getting warmer!

"Enough with this guessing game... I can't take it anymore......tell me ... tell me ...."

Ok ... here goes ...

He went to daven in the nearby nursing home to help with a minyan......

"You liar!!!!!! You are crazy..... you Skverer Hater..... you lie! Can't be!!!!!" You want me to believe that the Skverer arsonist wanted to burn the whole family to death .... all because the owner of the house went to daven in a nearby Nursing Home????

I wish I was lying .... I wish it was all not true .....!

Note to the Skverer Askanim: 
We have cameras monitoring all our homes in the neighborhood.... don't try anything funny ..... we will prosecute you to the full extent of the law!

Reach out to The Monsey View 
Phone: 845-600-8484
Fax: 845-600-8483


Anonymous said...

Do we really expect anything better from these Ukranian ignorant savage (avoda zara) human worshipers.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they will do New Hempstead next week.

Jancsiwearsastreimal said...

Good point

Jancsiwearsastreimal said...

Do we really expect you to be from Lawrence if you even know what the Monsey view is? Just make aliyah already.

Anonymous said...

It's scary how you will say anything against ehrliche yidden!! Every shabbos there is another group of people that come to see a beautiful shabbos, and skver is mekarev them with open arms. I, as a teenager from MD, came to skver for a shabbos with my class, and it will always be etched in my memory how beautiful it was!!!
Shame on you for spilling such venom from your mouth!!

Dusiznies said...

"ehrliche yidden" dont intimidate other Jews from buying homes for reasonable prices....
"ehrliche yidden" don't threaten another Rebbe who opens up another shtibble......
"ehrliche yidden" don't burn other people's houses down
"ehrliche yidden" don't force a Jewish publication to stop publicizing another neighborhood!

"ehrliche yidden" welcome other Jews!

AishKodesh said...

@1:07 and DIN: 1:07 makes a good point that perhaps you do not always know who you are speaking about. Perhaps you are making a generalization when you say things and then it might not be true.

As well as that, I know that Skver has been mekarev people, and maybe they (at least not all of them) are not as bad as you think...

Skverer Shvantz said...

I have someone very close to me working for The Monsey View and I can absolutely verify 100% that the magazine was coerced not to publish the New Hempstead and New City neighborhoods

Anonymous said...

Wow what a Shabbos you must've had that you've picked to attack not Satmar but a different Rebbe and his company, just proves again that your hatred is not ideologically based but it's pure antisemitic

Anonymous said...

This is unfortunately very true. I own property in the area. This is 100% true. They are ruining the area on purpose, so other hassidic Jews wouldn't move in.

Syracuse said...

He shouldn't care at all, since he wants to move out of the US anyways, but din is getting old and cranky, so he complains. Actually, he will have more to complain about once be gets to eretz yisrael.

AishKodesh said...

Why would he? Eretz Yisroel is wonderful! One day I myself would like to, B'Ezras Hashem (bli neder) move there!

Anonymous said...

@4:00 PM

This 'Rebbe's House-Bochur (whatever that actually means in terms of his service) burnt down a family's home (with them inside).
He was jailed.
On his release his 'Rebbe' threw a huge party for him.
A convicted attempted-murderer. A party.
He was then given a female to wed and was treated like a hero.
The skvererer 'Rebbe' is as crooked and corrupt as the 2 Rat Brothers of Satmar.
No doubt these fine examples of Chassidus know that it's all hashems wish for them to enrich themselves at the expense of their followers. To make heros out of criminals, Turning day into night, right into wrong.

Filthy, corrupt chazirs and schnorrs, with the mouths in the troughs along with all the other pigs.

They are both a stain on Judaism, as are you who supports these criminal enterprises

Abe said...

AishKodesh 8:29AM ,

First a quibble. Your comment “I would like to” itself is conditional. Why add “bli neder”?
But if you want to move, I’ll set up a Go Fund Me web page to get you out of the USA. But not to Eretz Yisroel — to Australia. Your dopey hashkafa will do less harm there than here or Eretz Yisroel.

AishKodesh said...

My dear Abe, I was merely being careful.

As for your Go Fund Me idea, that would be very nice of you, but better to do it for people who need it much more than I do.

Anonymous said...

What about the Skverre $$currency$$ they use in Skverre?

We will pay you wages, but only in Skverre currency, so you don't have economic freedom and can never leave.

And of course, noone is allowed toleave,but the rebbe who vacations in his chalet in Nyack where he has broadband and all other luxuries (maybe a Netflix subscription too) whenever he needs to get away from all the idiots he is surrounded by. He calls them "Oilem Goilem" and goes laughing all the way to the bank.

Anonymous said...

You're a blooming idiot

Anonymous said...

Long live the skverre rebbe