Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Councilman David Greenfield The Liar ......Covers for Crying Chucky Schumer!


The Gifteringotham blog  reports that the tuchis lekker,  Councilman David Greenfield lied and tweeted that "Crying" Schumer was involved in getting Rubashkin released!!

Councilman Greenfield tweeted and credited Senator Schumer for his “involvement” and that is what set this off. The community was shocked when they saw a blatant lie by another frum NYC Councilman.  We do not have to worry about Jew haters when we got our own people who hate their own.
Read the  Gifteringotham blog response to Ezra Friedlander's Op-Ed ....
he dissects the kapo's lies paragraph by paragraph!

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