Friday, December 22, 2017

Rumors have it that Satmar Rebbe "doesn't recognize Trumps commutation of Rubashkin! "Crying" Schumer Didn't Support Rubashkin Petition!

Last week, at the celebration of the Rescue of the Satmar Rebbe from the Nazis (Zionists rescued him), R' Aron Teitelbaum, Satmar Rebbe of Monroe, ranted like a demented fool, condemning the President of the United States' recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital ....

When Hussain Obama pushed the murderous Iran deal, R' Aron, stabbed 6 million Jews who live in Israel in the back and front, writing letters to congressman not to listen to Bibi Netanyahu's speech in front of congress pleading and warning them that this deal was bad for the USA and Israel!

He also barked like a mad dog, that not backing Obama's deal that handed nuclear arms to Iran, was as he ignorantly put it ... "hisgaarus be'umois" 
a Rabbinic prohibition not to antagonize the gentile nations .. ...

So this past week, R'Aron violated his very own understanding of this prohibition and attacked the President of the United States ... causing a massive Chillul Hashem ......
He also joined Arabs and the Reform Jews to mock this Ohaiv Yisroel, President Donald Trump!

Now comes rumors .. that R' Aron doesn't recognize Trump's commutation of Rubashkin ....

It is of course said in jest, but the ones promulgating this rumor are none other than Satmar Chassidim themselves   .... who are ashamed and disgusted by R'Aron's foolish behavior..

Meanwhile, Chucky "Crying" Schumer, unlike his colleagues, Nancy Pelosi, and Nadler,  refused to sign a petition for the release of Sholom Rubashkin.

I'm sure the stupid Askanim like Ezra the Kapo Friedlander will again support Crying Schumer at his next election!

***See the attached document containing letters from politicians and noted legal authorities regarding the Rubashkin case***



I have a message for those thousands of brainwashed insane robots and zombies calling themselves Satmar chasids,who stand in line for hours for the privilege of kissing the blood stained murderous hands of this Israel hating KAPO gangster, go instead and kiss the hands of Donald Trump and thank him for releasing Rubashkin and for standing up against the Jew hating world and supporting our one AND ONLY GOD given land of ERETZ YISROEL

Anonymous said...

DIN dee shlufst?

It's on the website of NY State Criminal Courts division that the 5th grade rebbi of Bender's Darchei Torah has been arrested. He is the brother of an infamous lowlife Agudah rich guy.

Do a NY Webcrims search for Stanley Kleinman.

Anonymous said...

Poopoo from Pupa said...

Lopin has this report from askan Asher Lovy on Pupa molester Dascalowitz now living in Pomona / Monsey & working at the seforim store inside Rockland Kosher.

It should be noted that Dovid Weinberger hangs out in this seforim store too when his Monsey eidim, Kaiser, takes him to fress in Rockland Kosher's restaurant.

Dascalowitz is renting an apt in a house at 267 Quaker Rd in Pomona which was very recently bought by a Joseph Levy.

All indications appear that this is an official Pupa effort to back Dascalowitz.

The mortgage for Quaker lists Levy at 23 Bluefield in Spring Valley. The mortgage for the Bluefield address has Levy living around the corner at 18 Widman with his wife Lea.

There is actually a Pupa shtiebel located at 23 Bluefield. And about a year ago there was a big Pupa shindig of a sefer Torah being donated where the procession started at 23 Bluefield & ended around the corner by the main Pupa beis medrash at 15 Widman.

The Pupa Rebbe himself & his chief gabbai are of course Federally convicted molesters. The NY Times reported on their arrests in 1995.

One other detail that is quite strange here. There is a sick place in Monsey called Pyramid Plumbing Supply, run by a sick guy named Grunwald.

This site gives the address on Widman despite the store being on Robert Pitt. And the map on this page shows him at 23 Bluefield.

Is Grunwald also tied in with Pupa? He is a sick guy who tries to farkoyf items to your detriment but to his advantage & is extremely rude & gruff if you don't go along with it. Veiber are not spared his rude behavior either. One of his shticklach where he makes a few extra bucks is high pressure sales tactics that you should buy ceramic sinks. He knows they can't be kashered for Pesach but hopes he can dupe you without you catching on until they are installed.

Far Rotaway said...

Holy hailstorms Batman!

Darchei's 5th grade rebbi & choir master Rabbi Yisroel Kleinman???

Elly Kleinman & Ben Barfman must have fell flat on their faces trying to get someone in the de Blahzio administration to keep that arrest a secret!

Maybe de Blahzio knows that Rechnitz, cousin of West Side Rechnitz, just became a Kleinman mechuton! And de Blahzio didn't want to get "burned" again, especially since Elly's grandson the chosson is nephew of that killer pyro nut from Hartford who burned down the Young Israel there almost killing the rabbi.

The Bigger they come said...

This is an even bigger conspiracy than anyone realizes. And it's only on an indispensable website like DIN that you will get the whole story.

Remember recently the ground shook and the explanation was an earthquake in Delaware? The Agudah was using all their pull to get Federal agents at the US Geological Survey to put out that bulletin about Delaware. Because that seismic event was Yankel Bender falling flat on his face too alongside Elly & Ben, after failing to convince the Mayor to keep the arrest off the record!

Chafraud-Depravitch said...


"thousands of brainwashed insane robots and zombies calling themselves Satmar chasids,who stand in line for hours for the privilege of kissing the blood stained murderous hands of this Israel hating KAPO gangster"


'you are a depraved piece of human garbage,go get some psychological help before that pathological hatred you have towards holy Satmar Jews completely destroys you.'


Sound familiar?
I just thought I'd mirror your words to me from another thread.
Apparently I hurt your uber-sensitive feelings by criticizing your criminal hero Shlomo Meathook Rubashkin and his Lubavitch cult.

Fact is, I think the Satmar are a bunch of cult creeps.
But don't let that stop you from accusing me of hating ALL "frum" Jews. Up yours, and Shabbat Shalom. :)

AishKodesh said...

You can't say everyone is, so you shouldn't say Satmar or Lubavitch as a whole @C_D.

Gut Voch, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Satmar and Lubavich are as close to authentic Judaism as a Pig is to the Cohen Gadol.
They have distorted and twisted our religion into an abomination...ant then call themselves 'Torah True'

Their Rebbe-Worship is Avoidah Zorah.#

(and their Rebbe's are such pygmies)

AishKodesh said...

5:45 PM, Again you are speaking as a whole. So your comment is thus untrue. There are certainly Satmar and Lubavitch Tzaddikim!

Anonymous said...

Name them!

AishKodesh said...

For one, my father shlit"a learned together with a very nice man. Won't give his name, but he is Lubavitch (although my father is not). And just recently, see Yeshiva World News for the petira of the Satmar Tzaddik Reb Yehoshua Hershkowitz zt"l.

And that is just one example for each,