Monday, December 25, 2017

Boro-Park Holocaust Museum Re-Writes History to Fit Satmar Agenda

Not too long ago, Frum Askanim felt that the Yad Ve'Shem Holocaust Museum in Israel, did not address the Frum perspective of what really happened during the Holocaust. 

The Mesiras Nefesh of Frum inmates; the way they performed mitzvos and did chesed under the noses of the Nazis, some of them bravely sacrificing their very lives to help others and defying the murderers to fulfill even Mitzvois De'Rabbanim, were not documented properly.

So they rightfully decided to build their own memorial to tell the story of mesiras nefesh of Torah Jews to new generations 

And so they built the Amud Aish Memorial Museum in Boro -Park, where most of the survivors lived.

 The purpose of this Museum was primarily to correct the "revisionists" ..those who revised real stories of the Holocaust and ignored details pertinent to the continuity of authentic Judaism. 

To make sure that the frum version is transmitted to future generations, Ami Magazine features a weekly column, "Our Journey,"  written by Rabbi Sholom Friedmann, that brings some of these stories of Mesiras Nefesh to the forefront. 

Imagine my surprise and shock, when I read the latest column, that totally omitted a key element of a specific story of the rescue of Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum, the founder of the Satmar dynasty. 

Rabbi Sholom Friedmann relates in this article that the Museum set up an exhibit in Monroe for the benefit of the Satmar girl's school, preparing a "fascinating presentation featuring the Satmar Rebbe's rescue from Bergen-Belsen."

Rabbi Friedmann totally omitted that the Satmar Rebbe was rescued by the Zionists, and placed on the Rudolf Kastner Train, who was a sworn Zionist. 

The  "Frum" Museum  decided it was best to  lie outright to innocent young impressionable souls, and to revise the true facts behind the rescue of R' Yoilish...

Understandably, Satmar in their lying bio of R' Yoielish, came up with a "Cock & Bull" story, that some old lady, the mother-in-law of Kastner, had a dream and in that dream she was told to convince Rudolf to put R' Yoielish on the train! 

I'm not sure exactly of the story since there are many versions of this piece of fiction and trash!

But what is a fact is that the Satmar Rebbe was saved by the Zionists! 

And now Rabbi Sholom Friedmann, the author of these articles, can justifiably be accused of being a party to the "revisionists."

Tell me Rabbi Friedmann .... why is your fictitious article different than the articles written by other Holocaust deniers??? 

What is the purpose of your Museum if you are no different than Yad Ve' Shem that you accuse of omitting the sacrifices of the frum victims?

Why should we now believe anything that you write when you deliberately distort the truth!!????

Because you want to satisfy your Satmar clientele, you found yourself a heter to omit a key detail in the rescue? 

So, why are Holocaust deniers who also twist the truth different than you ....?????????


jancsibacsi said...

By the satmerers nothing is real its all make beleive,they make up stories to fit their style of insanity.

Satmar Watch said...

To those who value truth, much of the Satmar ideology is built on a mountain of lies and propaganda.

For example, the Satmars are constantly told that the creation of a Jewish state is a "rebellion against the nations". But the Satmars are never told the truth - the UN General Assembly voted by a majority vote in 1947 to allow creation of a Jewish state.

It is actually the Satmars who are rebelling against the nations by refusing to recognize the legal State of Israel.

San fracisco said...

I have a diffrent question which has bothered me for monhs...under the words amud eish. It says in microscopic letters kleinman museum. After all the money he gave why do they shame him and put his name in micro micro microscopic letters?

mmz said...

So if the UN votes against Israel, time and time again, does the status change?

Anonymous said...

if I'm not mistaken, they don't have pics of women victims either.

AishKodesh said...

There are always different versions of how things happened, DIN. So please don't be so hard on them. Even if this account isn't the true one.

Anonymous said...

yeas, the true version and the ficticious versions.

AishKodesh said...

12:17 PM, That's true. But sometimes people don't know that their's is the ficticious one...

Anonymous said...

THEY know, but alas their chidren don't