Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Nikki Haley the Tzedikis

The UN Security Council tried to slip one past Nikki Haley. You’d think those bums would know her by now. 
Of course she nixed a resolution that was intended to overturn President Trump’s…and hence America’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. 

Then, of the 14 nations that voted in favor of the resolution, she said this – “What happened today at the Security Council is an insult. It won’t be forgotten.” 

She wasn’t smiling…and neither was she saying, but it’s been noted, that the United States can stop funding the UN. 

Step two would get it out of New York and into Brussels, which serves as capital to the European Union.

 Haley told the Security Council that the United States won’t be pushed around; nobody tells us what to do – where or when we can place our embassies.

Which will shortly be in Jerusalem…and also about Jerusalem, specifically the Western Wall, both Trump and Haley agree that it belongs to Israel. 

UN Resultion 2334 said otherwise, but that was under Obama, the anti-Semite who ran with that crowd. 
That wasn’t forgotten either – 2334. 

Nikki Haley let them know that it was such one-sided interference (always against Israel) that led to so much bloodshed.
Haley promised and threatened that the United States “won’t make that mistake again”…about abstaining in order to let that cursed resolution sail through. 

Those Happy Days…those Obama days…are over…and of course it’s got The New York Times in a snit. 

About Monday’s veto, you can read the editorial yourself, but why bother when I can give it to you in a snap, as follows –

Nothing belongs to the Israelis. Everything belongs to the Palestinian Arabs. Period. 

You expected something different from the American news media?

From Trump, through Haley at the UN, we find Israel and the United States in the same boat…two liberty-loving countries against the world…and it’s near Biblical.
Think of that chapter in the Book of Numbers. 
Pagan prophet Balaam declares: “It is a people that dwells in solitude; not to be reckoned among the nations.”
He was talking about Israel…and it’s generally been taken to mean that Israel is destined to be shunned.

Wrong interpretation, says Rashi. 
It means that when the nations are gathered for reckoning, judgment and punishment, Israel will be spared.
I say, by degrees, it’s already happening at the UN.

Seems to me that the United States shares that blessing in view of God’s hand at work through President Donald Trump and Ambassador Nikki Haley.
Can I get me an Amen?


Anonymous said...

It gets better. President Trump just announced that nations that vote against Israel on this will be jeopardizing their US monetary support. Unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

Notice the contrast between this non Jewish TZEDEIKIS,who has given her heart and soul in her fights for the Jewish nation in that antisemitic sewer and hell hole called the U.N,and those two so called Rebbes those two low life Israel hating murderous KAPO gangsters the TeitelBum brothers

Anonymous said...

@10:13 Spot On.