Thursday, December 21, 2017

Trump Releases Rubashkin!

*President Trump Commutes Sentence of Sholom Rubashkin*

Chassidim celebrating in 770

Today, President Donald J. Trump commuted the prison sentence of Sholom Rubashkin, an action encouraged by bipartisan leaders from across the political spectrum, from Nancy Pelosi to Orrin Hatch.
Mr. Rubashkin is a 57-year-old father of 10 children. He previously ran the Iowa headquarters of a family business that was the countrys largest kosher meat-processing company. In 2009, he was convicted of bank fraud and sentenced thereafter to 27 years in prison. Mr. Rubashkin has now served more than 8 years of that sentence, which many have called excessive in light of its disparity with sentences imposed for similar crimes.
This action is not a Presidential pardon. It does not vacate Mr. Rubashkins conviction, and it leaves in place a term of supervised release and a substantial restitution 


Chafraud-Depravitch said...

"substantial restitution"

What a joke. He'll laugh all the way to his stuffed mattress.

He won't see justice until he leaves his body and gets to experience the same pain he inflicted on others.

Unknown said...

Agree 100%

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Why dance and celebrate a person who commited fraud. Let him go home do tshuvah and everyone else say prayers for those in prisons around the world who never did anything wrong.


you are a depraved piece of human garbage,go get some psychological help before that pathological hatred you have towards frum Jews completely destroys you.

Chafraud-Depravitch said...


You have a problem with my comment?

He won't pay a dime in this life.

And apparently you resent that he'll have to experience the pain he inflicted on others when he leaves this world.

Instead of calling me "garbage," recommending "psychological help," and accusing me of "pathological hatred" for frum Jews (like the ones who educate my kids); perhaps you should reflect on your own dumb-ass self.

Rubashkin hurt a lot of people in this world. He's going to get to feel what his actions made them feel... measure for measure.

And he's a worldwide chillul HaShem. Read the comments on news sites. He's gasoline on the fire of anti-Semitism.
And he gets a true experience life review at the end... just like everyone else.

Come to think of it, you know what else he gets? He gets credit for every piece of non-kosher meat that Jews like you and me ate believing it was truly kosher. And it will be too late for him to give any refunds. Chew on that.

God is wayyyyy bigger than your myopic frum worldview.

H said...

By defending this criminal POS, you define yourself as anything BUT normal.
CD is 100% correct.
Just like the Sqverers welcoming their attempted-murderer home, the Loobies will do the same for Rubashkin.
He's "one of their own" - and that means he is forgiven EVERYTHING!

(what a 'light' we are to the world!

Anonymous said...

H (c, fraud, by his own admission)
Get some lozenges to heal your screamed out throat, sit in a jacusi to calm your shaking fists.

Anonymous said...

Listen. Trump doesn't give a rat about the merits of the case, Rubashkin's guilt or innocence nor the quality of justice metered out.
Trump has no particular care for Jews or Israel other than how it effects Trump.

Trump was told to protect the political interests and the block vote.

Same crap we have in NY. Look at the rat Lamm. OK, he got a bit of prison and a $75,000 fine but he raked in millions and the town is destroyed. Look at Ramapo.

It shouldn't be I got mine too bad for you.

AishKodesh said...

Two things to say: #1, Dan him lekaf zechus. Yeah I've read about what happened, but I have also seen a similar case where someone was tricked into something like this.

#2, Maybe he did Teshuva. Either way, it is a Beracha that he was let out of jail and reason to thank Hashem.

cyrano said...

To Depravitch: I would agree with you if you could name one single person whether Jewish or not, upon whom "he inflicted pain".

To Rgk77: Shalom Rubashkln spent eight years in a medium security prison in a section that also houses inmates with a history of violence, where one is subject to anti-semitic and cruel treatment by other inmates and yes, even by brutal correction officers. Your suggestion that Rubashkin should "go home and due tshuvah" seems ill-conceived under these circumstances.

Has Rubashkin not already "done tshuvah'? According to the Torah one who commits a transgression is to submit to 39 lashes for each offense. After recieving such punishment the Totah declares the offender to be your "brother"; that is, to be treated with kindness and respect. Rubashkin was found guilty on 90 counts of criminasl acts. I believe Shalom Rubashkin would have gladly undergone 90 times 39 lashes rather than suffer those 8 years of incarceration.

As for me, I am not so free of iniquity that I should pass judgement on a fellow Jew. As for you, please do not judge Shalom Rubshkin more harshly than the Torah would. I am certain than under Devine scrutiny we would all be found wanting in the eyes of Hashem.

AishKodesh said...

cyrano, Wow. That was a powerful last bit to your comment. Amein!

jancsibacsi said...

12:58 PM--You are truly a mindless moron ,there is no forgiveness for the chillel hashem Shlomo and his cohorts commited

Abe said...

There are many well known academics and politicians , on the left and the right who have filed briefs on Rubaskin’s behalf that the sentence was excessive. I would have agreed with the commutation regardless of the felon’s religion. Here it’s time to Dan L’kaf Z’chus.

Anonymous said...

Jancsibacsi, you are a moron, even without having made any comment.

That being said, who are you kidding, where did you ever hear of such a concept as chillul or kiddush Hashem, if not in the frum Torah world? Where does it say in the bible that you should cause a kiddush Hashem to the world?

Yet you reject frumkeit, because all you are is a wheezing bag of crumkeit.

AishKodesh said...

@5:31 PM, in Parshas Kedoshim it says befairash to cause a Kiddush Hashem and to not cause a Chilul Hashem.

cyrano said...

Jancibacsi, can you ever engage in a dialogue without resorting to ad hominem attacks? Must everyone with whom you disagree be cyber bullied?

Chillul Hashem does indeed include discourteous behavior, if performed publicly by a Jewish person otherwise held in high regard. In order to avoid a Chillul Hashem a person who represents devout Judaism should address others respectfully. To do otherwise would demean the Jewish faith.

Since you seem so concerned about Chillul Hashem I am confident that you would not engage in conduct so unbecoming a gentlemen. It can therefore be reasonably stated that you have exempted yourself from rules that you apply to others.

Chafraud-Depravitch said...

cyrano 12:58 PM

Anonymous said...

It appears that conning Yidden into eating treife meat us now acceptable to Chabad.

Anonymous said...

Aye depravovich, go get a kurvah already, youre frustrated, drop a buck

AishKodesh said...

I don't know about that, 5:25 AM.

Chafraud-Depravitch said...

Anonymous coward at 10:17 AM,

"Aye depravovich, go get a kurvah already, youre frustrated, drop a buck"

I've never had an intimate relationship outside of my marriage. Nor ever in my life have I hired out for it. UNLIKE MANY, MANY SEXUALLY FRUSTRATED ULTRA-ORTHODOX MEN IN THE SHTETLS OF NEW YORK.

Perhaps you should "drop a buck."
Or even better, save the money, go F yourself, and use the savings for an English lesson.

Anonymous said...

Would MMS approve? You remember him? the virgin Rebbe?

AishKodesh said...

Everyone, please don't talk like Goyim! I apologize for sounding harsh, but we must behave like Yidden! Gutte Yidden.

Yosh55 said...

Who told him to plead not guilty ...he would have got 8 to 10 and finished.
2) he used $2,000,000 in public funds which could have helped many...
3) making a hero out of him???!!!... no way

Anonymous said...

depravedfraud, you're good at cursing, cursed before being a BT, stopped cursing, now back again.
Remind me of the Conservayive shls, drive their on Shabbes, watch the haftorah carefully, sing along all songs, leave shul and drive again. yo-yo,yo-yo in-out, in-out, in-out, yo-yo.

Chafraud-Depravitch said...

7:06 PM

" you're good at cursing,"

And you're good at inviting Jewish men to get a whore.
You did the same to other posters in another thread, telling them to 'get a kurvah' as well.

Better to curse a little. It would otherwise be hard to tell you you're a piece of crap(a very "religious" one... LOL).

AishKodesh said...

Better not to curse, Reb C_D. It isn't right.

Look at me im fat and my ponytail is magic! said...

Chafruad depravitch is most likely shmarya Rosenberg. Good chance at least.

AishKodesh said...

@10:15 PM, I doubt it. He is actually a nice guy. Just had some bad experiences.

Chafraud-Depravitch said...


He's not worth the response. That's why I didn't respond to it.

What a twit he must be if he thinks I'm SR.
(Must be all the "intelligence building" skills from Gemara study.)

AishKodesh said...

Reb C_D, Gemara does indeed build your intelligence... I can know this from experience and from others' experiences.