Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Ezra "Kapo" Friedlander Stabs Jews in the Back Again with his Lies in an OP-ED

The following is an Op-Ed in TheYeshivahWorld Blog  written by the sick fool  Ezra "the kapo" Friedlander.
After his demented letter I posted some comments from the readers 

In the aftermath of the release of Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin, we’ve seen much jubilation. But that was followed quickly by speculation from members of our community regarding the role or lack thereof of Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer in the advocacy pertaining to the President’s commutation of Rubashkin’s sentence. In the blogosphere especially, there have been efforts urging people to contact Senator Schumer’s office to express their “outrage” and calling him out on this issue. These recommendations were generally accompanied by lots of chest pounding and inflammatory language.

There have been those who suggested that even Nancy Pelosi, the non Jewish woman who represents California’s 12th Congressional District, has expressed her written consent for a commutation of Mr. Rubashkin’s sentence. And yet, Chuck Schumer, who calls himself the ‘shomer yisroel’, refused to write a letter.
I’m always amazed at how our community manages to shoot ourselves in the foot and display our political immaturity to the world. Or perhaps the right verbiage here might be ‘political suicide’.
There’s an old expression – Those who know don’t speak. And those who speak don’t know.
Dear readers: Do you think for one moment that Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic Leader, is not in contact with Schumer, Democratic Leader of the Senate, on a daily basis?? Do you think they don’t work together to formulate the official policy of the Democratic caucus? Wouldn’t you think that Schumer had given her the green light of approval before she decided to write a letter as sensitive as this to President Trump? Are we really so immature not to realize this? In my opinion, this proves that those who are writing these opinions have zero understanding of the governmental process.
Some may counter by asking why Schumer didn’t see fit to write his own letter as well? Honestly, I don’t have the answer to that question. Sometimes there are questions that beg for an answer yet the answers remain unknown. But I can assure you of one thing. Nancy Pelosi would never write a letter of advocacy for Rubashkin without Senator Schumer’s advance notification and tacit approval.
Let me reiterate that I am not privy to inside information on this issue. I am just surmising what must have occurred based on my understanding of the political process. As a consultant who has been in similar situations in the past, this is my conclusion.
The Rubashkin case was very important to our community and I was as outraged as everyone else about the travesty of justice, as I was elated at the news of his commuted sentence. We all have tremendous hakoras hatov to President Trump and appreciate this commutation.
But we need to understand that there is also a tomorrow. There was also a yesterday. And that yesterday included Senator Schumer coming out against the Iran deal.
It’s never a good idea to try to convince an elected official that he is not our friend. I’m not just addressing the Schumer issue on this. It’s something we have to realize when it comes to other officials as well. Because guess what happens. When you declare someone as your enemy, that is eventually what he will come to be. Once we write him off, this is how he will come to be perceived. And that is not responsible politics for our Jewish community.
The community must internalize that Chuck Schumer is as powerful as they come. In his capacity as Senate Democratic leader, there are a myriad of issues that the community approaches him on for support. And in many cases he responds positively. The day might come when he will be even more powerful as Senate majority leader. Is it really in the best interest of our community to be in a situation where he views us as confrontational?
We need to conduct ourselves more pragmatically. For example, I personally supported Hillary Clinton for president. Yet the moment that Donald Trump was elected, I accepted him as my President and work with the White House accordingly. I decided to treat the office of the Presidency with the respect and honor that it deserves, and I’ve publicly condemned anyone who did otherwise. There is a time, a place, and a season for everything.
We as a community need to internalize the larger picture. Yes we are a vibrant and growing community, boruch Hashem, and we have much to be proud of. But our numbers are minuscule in the grand scheme of things. And we tend to shoot blanks. We sometimes declare war on an elected official, and when that happens outside of our local districts, we become marginalized. Elected officials at the highest level will pass us over and won’t even invite us to sit down at the table with them because of the immaturity with which we conduct our political and governmental relationships.
I say this as someone who is professionally engaged as the CEO of a public affairs consulting firm. I am in no way a community leader. But I see the handwriting on the wall and I feel it’s time for us to take stock of our actions and add real value to all of our political interactions and relationships.
As far as the wonderful news of the President’s commutation of Mr. Rubashkin’s sentence is concerned – Now that’s something we can all be proud of!

I’m really disappointed in this Op-Ed. The writer is treating the community as if they are dumb sheep who should follow his advice. He’s basically saying don’t make me look bad in front of my buddy Chuck. He’s concocting arguments out of thin air as to why Chuck did not have to personally write a letter and degrading Pelosi in the process by saying that she doesn’t move without Shumer’s Consent.
Additionally, he’s basically saying we should not use our constitutional right to protest (via phone calls and e-mails) lest it backfire. So is he openly telling us that if we don’t shut up and make nice to Mr. Schumer then he won’t care about us, his constituents?\

Ezra stop kissing up to liberal democrat like schmuer and nadler
Schmuck schmuer is fighting trump every step of the way and we should despise him for that
Because of people like nadler we got the Iran deal

Well that confirms it, Pelosi doesn’t know how to think for herself and needs Schumer to tell her what to do.
Schumer supports toeiva etc. so you stay away from him as far as possible. Period.

Same Ezra who tried to sell us the Brooklyn bridge
When Nadler voted for the Iran deal, is trying to clean the dirty Schumer.
Ezra it’s time for you to quit.
You don’t represent klal Yisruel.
You only represent YOURSELF.
how low you got

Ezra is at it again, making sure that his friends (and political contacts) on the Left are well-fed with hard-earned Jewish money. He can call himself whatever he wants, but we all know he’s a political HACK of the worst kind. (Hey, have you called your friend Hillary lately to lament her loss?)
Schumer is at best an obstructionist who cares about The Party, Schumer, and The Party in that order.
Let us not forget how he had his finger in the air to see which way the wind blew when it came to the disastrous Iran deal (created by his friend Obama, and shrilled into the self-described Echo Chamber by Ben Rhodes…). Once he knew it would pass, he could continue to lie to his constituents about his true passion for the deal. Now it turns out that Obama was not only giving Iran a pass on missiles, and plane loads of cash, but he also was giving Hezbollah a free pass. Thanks for having our back, Senator.

Please, Ezra, don’t hock us a chynick!
Pelosi didn’t consult with Schumer re Rubashkin, this wasn’t a National security issue, with huge ramifications just a basic humanitarian one, one that required basic human decency and mentchlichkeit, which pelosi had and Schumer didn’t.

IMHO – With all due respect – suggesting that Pelosi needs (and received) a green light from Schumer on something of this nature reflects a lack of understanding of how these things work.

Ezra Please pardon my French. This op-ed is written just for some “lecking” you did the same joke for congressmen Nadler…
I guess that’s part of your business…


Anonymous said...

"Yet the moment that Donald Trump was elected, I accepted him as my President and work with the White House accordingly" Really now, you work with the White House.

They stand away from scum like you farther than Rev Al. You are out of business and trying to toot your own horn. Sorry the game is over. Maybe open up a Shul, you could put your talent to work there.

Anonymous said...

You could have not written a better headline.
Let's not forget how we stuck up for that other kapo Nadler when he supported the Iran deal

Anonymous said...



This Kapo bastard should open a SHUL in Kiryas Joel next to that other KAPO jew hating bastard Aron Teitelbum,there he would feel at home

Tziyoni said...

Azah Tuchis Lecker. What a depraved human organism.

San fracisco said...

Yet the moment that Donald Trump was elected, I accepted him as my President and work with the White House accordingly" Really now, you work with the White House.

They stand away from scum like you farther than Rev Al. You are out of business and trying to toot your own horn. Sorry the game is over. Maybe open up a Shul, you could put your talent to work there...You could have not written a better headline.
Let's not forget how we stuck up for that other kapo Nadler when he supported the Iran dea

San fracisco said...

Jew hating jew.

Ezra Friedlander salutes Christmas spirit said...

Friedlander invited people to follow his twitter feed. Well, I took a look there, and what did I see?


The other day, Dec. 24, Ezra tweeted Merry Christmas, and gratitude to those who bring its spirit to life every day, via a retweet from his buddy (who employs his wife) Brad Lander, a Reform Jew who is intermarried. Friedlander added the words "my sentiments exactly!"

How many Jews were killed and beaten and persecuted with that "Xmas spirit" over centuries? And Friedlander salutes it? Chasidim observe nittel nacht as a dangerous time where they depart from their regular routines. But Ezra Friedlander, son of Liska Rebbe, with the big shtreimel and bekishe, celebrates Xmas, and thanks those who brings its spirit to life every day? Has he totally lost, and corrupted his Jewish background? Is he looking to get baptized, or join his non orthodox buddies Joe Potasnik and Lander in their Temples?