Monday, August 14, 2017

Monsey Jews protest 'anti-Semitic abuse' of 3-year-old boy

Members of the Jewish community in Monsey, New York are up in arms over the alleged mistreatment of a three-year-old haredi child who was reportedly thrown into the back of a police squad car after being left outside of his home.

The incident occurred last Friday afternoon when the three-and-a-half-year-old boy returned home from summer school to find that the doors of his home were locked and no one appeared to be home.

A non-Jewish neighbor witnessed the boy sitting outside of the front door, and notified police.

Before a police squad car arrived, another neighbor, a member of the haredi community, took the boy inside his home to wait for his parents to arrive.

When the police came, they spoke with the neighbor who had taken the child in to wait for his parents, then left the scene, leaving the child in the care of the neighbor.
Shortly thereafter, however, the officers returned, saying that they were obliged to take the child to a local police station to wait for his parents, and that they could not leave him in the neighbor’s custody.

Witnesses say that the child was frightened by the prospect of leaving his neighborhood with the officers, and that the officers threw the boy into the back of the squad car.
“The boy was thrown like a sack of potatoes into the car,” a witness said, Behadrei Haredim reported.

After waiting at the station for roughly an hour, a relative came to pick up the boy and take him home.

The boy’s family and witnesses claim the police mistreated the child, throwing him into the back of the police care with no apparent concern for his well-being, and that no steps were taken to calm the terrified boy, who was so frightened that he wet his pants during the drive to the station.
Outraged members of the local haredi community blasted the officers’ behavior, and organized a protest, at 4:00 p.m. local time Sunday.

“Dear Monsey residents,” organizers wrote in their announcement, “we all know what happened last Friday, when two officers dragged a three-and-a-half-year-old boy to a police car with no legal right! Dragged him from the house [of a neighbor] to a police car, with the child in shock [causing him] to wet himself in the police car. That is outrageous! This is absolutely anti-Semitic, they had no legal right to take a person from inside a home without a warrant or a court order!”


Anonymous said...

How about calling social services about the van or bus company that dropped the kid off to a locked door? Maybe some charges could be filed. Of course the police can't leave a kid with a neighbor! Maybe if the kid wasn't taught to fear outsiders he wouldn't have been so scared. Maybe if the kid was left at the door he would have walked into the street and been run over.

Seriously - stop neglecting your kids, wake up and join society.

There is a big great world out there.

jancsibacsi said...

The Americans have no idea how to behave in a sensible way the police are not educated in proper behaviour towards civilians cant be more stupid then what they did to this child

jancsibacsi said...

August 14, 2017 at 9:12 AM--"There is a big great world out there."
You should add that a very dangerous world exists out there,both the parents and the police are stupid the child should of been left with the neighbor its a no brainer

Anonymous said...

Police do not leave children with a neighbor. Maybe that wonderful neighbor is a pedophile or abuser or simply not competent.

There was absolutely nothing anti-Semitic about the police departments
performance here except for leaving the kid and the neighbors in the first place.

And speaking of "not educated" and "police are stupid"; your spelling, grammar and syntax do not speak of you being well educated.

LES AYM said...

The police may have been legally required to take charge once the non-jewish neighbor had called them. They still should have been required to handle a little child more gently. Perhaps a social service person should've been called in or at least have a female officer be called along to sit in the back of the police car to comfort the child.

jancsibacsi said...

August 14, 2017 at 12:56 PM--Oh so you are so smart right, still your missing intelligence once the child was approved by the police to stay with the neighbors they should of left it like that, the trauma that the child had to endure was damaging to his or hers well being.

Anonymous said...

like a sack of potatoes, by this unnamed witness. Who are you, Mr. or Mrs. witness/ I don't believe it.

Alex S. said...

Charge the parents with some crime. They leave the house and lock all the doors, knowing their child is coming home soon. If there was an emergency, make sure someone was at home to greet the child, that the child will know, like a sister, brother, relative, or friend.

Charge the summer camp with some crime. When an adult drops off a small child somewhere, he must make sure the child is handed to his parents in person. Don't assume anything.

Charge the neighbor with some crime. He should have called the parents (what kind of neighbor doesn't have phone numbers of his other neighbors?). And he should have waited outside, waiting for the parents to arrive. When the police arrive, he could have told them, "I called his parents. They are coming soon. Here is their number if you want to verify."

Regarding the police? I doubt they did not get proper training how to deal with children. No charges on them, sorry!

So to everyone here blaming the police or taking this "anonymous" witness's word as truth, SHAME ON YOU.

Steve Brown said...

Video evidence?
I thought so.