Thursday, August 31, 2017

Malka Lebowitz - Einhorn's Body Found

The body of Malka Lebo (Lebovitz - Einhorn) who jumped from the Bear Mountain Bridge in April was recovered in the Hudson River Wednesday night after the occupants of a cabin cruiser passing through the area spotted the body and notified police.
The woman is a 22-year-old resident of Rockland County. 
The Westchester County Police Marine Unit responded and recovered the body from the river, O'Leary said.
The remains were transported to Riverfront Green Park in Peekskill and turned over to the Westchester Medical Examiner’s Office, he added.
Her death has been ruled a suicide by the Medical Examiner’s Office, O'Leary said.


Anonymous said...

So, what's the true story? Was she thirty, or twenty two? Was she originally from Monroe and Satmer chasidah, or was she modern Orthodox all along?

It's ok for you to acknowledge and correct your mistaken or false reporting.

Dusiznies said...

There was conflicting reports about her age and at this time it makes no difference how old she was....she is now unfortunately confirmed dead.
and she was from the Samar community and left and moved to New City ....
The story itself is true ... she was married with a child, she was from the Samar community, and she jumped from the Bear Mountain bridge... and in that earlier report I didn't mention her name ....
this is not "false reporting" and its not even "mistaken" because at this time there are still conflicting reports on how old she was, not that it makes a difference in the words of Hillary Clinton.

mmz said...

She wasn't from Satmer
She never left the community
The rest is true, unfortunately.