Monday, August 14, 2017

Omari Dahan 23 Stabbed to Death Because of Blocked Driveway

A family already shattered by previous tragedy is sadly mourning once again.
A 23-year-old Frum man was R”L stabbed to death by his neighbor after he had blocked the victims driveway, Sunday night / early Monday morning.
Sources say that two Orthodox Jewish brothers were stabbed outside their home located at 1261 East 73 Street in the Bergen-Beach section of Brooklyn.
Omari Dahan Z”L, 23, was stabbed in the chest at 11:30PM Sunday night, and was pronounced dead at Beth Israel Hospital. The (unnamed) brother was stabbed in the arm, and was in stable condition.
Police say the attacker had blocked their driveway, and after the brothers had honked their car horn for some time, the man walked out of his ex-wife’s home, and attacked the brothers.
Police said the attacker fled the scene in a gray Volkswagen Jetta. No arrests have been made.
Volunteers from the Misaskim organization have been on the scene for hours, and have volunteers placed at the hospital as well – working closely with the NYPD as well as the NYC Medical Examiner to ensure proper Kavod Hames.
In a sad twist to this story, it was previously reported in 2009 that the father and brother of today’s stabbing victim were both killed in a terrible accident at a waste transfer station in Queens.
Shlomo Dahan Z”L, 49, had died in a desperate attempt to rescue his 23-year-old son Harel Z”L from the deadly fumes of an 18-foot-deep cesspool at a Queens sewage plant where they were working.
A third man, Rene Francisco Rivas, was killed when he went after the elder Dahan.
Levaya information will be published when it becomes available.
Boruch Dayan HaEmmes…


AishKodesh said...

Baruch Dayan HaEmes. Absolute tragedy. Not only because of the tragic deaths, but also that we have such animals who would do something like that.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, people who block your driveway are animals.

FYI said...

Headline is incorrect/misleading.

The victim didn't block the driveway. The criminal side blocked it.

Please correct.

Ma Rabbi said...

The Haitian murderer was caught today by the police.
A lesson from this tragedy:
Its not worth it. Give up your parking space or even your money.
These people are animals. Hashem Yerachem.

AishKodesh said...

Baruch Hashem he was caught.