Friday, August 18, 2017

Lakewood: Two Men Pick Up A Child And Lock Him In A Vehicle

A Lakewood child is lucky to be alive after two men allegedly picked him up and locked him in a vehicle. A second child is being credited for saving his life, TLS reports.

According to sources, while playing outside his home earlier this week, the 4-year-old was apparently alone for several moments when two men spotted him, picked him up and placed him inside a vehicle and locked the safety locks – trapping the young boy inside.
A second child, approximately the same age, saw the boy in the car and immediately notified the boy’s parent. Luckily, the boy was removed from the sweltering vehicle within minutes.
An immediate search of the area for the suspects turned out with negative results.
“This is why children need to be watched every second,” an LCSW coordinator told TLS.
An investigation is underway.

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