Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Eida Chareidis Yolish Krauss: "One Who Accepts State Funds But Doesn’t Serve In The IDF Is A Hypocrite"

Yolish Krauss, viewed as being the operations officer of the Eida Chareidis, spoke out against mosdos who accept funds from the Zionist Government of Israel, pointing an accusing finger at the Peleg group of the litvish tzibur led by the Fanatic Bachelor Shmuel Auerbach.
Krauss mocked Chareidim during an interview with Yediot Yerushalayim, calling them hypocrites for accepting state funds but not serving in the IDF. He called the protests recently held against induction into the IDF “hypocritical” for as long as those mosdos accept state funds. 
“You cannot take state money for your yeshiva and your children with one hand and refusing to serve in the IDF with the other. You cannot have it both ways” he feels.
“I suggest to Peleg Yerushalmi that before you begin protesting in the streets, get 1,000 talmidim to enter the IDF and change things from inside. If you do not succeed you will be thrown out and this will end the induction battle of the chareidim. The IDF doesn’t want you!”
He added that all Chareidim should join the IDF ..

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Anonymous said...

For sure you are the worst sort of hypocrite if you accept state funds and refuse to serve, but you are also a hypocrite if you live in Israel, if you are protected by the IDF, if you use the road, the medical services, the food distribution services, if you shop in the stores, if you have fresh water to drink and a roof over your head, in other words if you avail yourself of all the wonderful things that Israel provides to the Jews and others who live there and you still refuse to contribute, refuse to support, refuse to acknowledge the blessings and miracles of Jewish life in Medinat Yisrael, you are a phony ingrate, the lowest of the low and scum of the earth and probably not even Jewish.