Saturday, August 5, 2017

200 "leidigeiers" Protest Smartphone Seller in Evergreen in Monsey

Ramapo police said at least 200  people protested Friday outside Ping Cellular in Monsey against the store selling smart phones due to religious beliefs.
The store, located in the Town Square Mall on Route 59, is owned and managed by Orthodox Jews, but does sell smart phones to young Hasidic men, whose rabbis prohibit phones with an Internet connection, said .
The protestors, all Hasidic men, said the store was defying rabbinical orders by ultra-Orthodox Jewish rabbis who enacted a ban against the Internet to avoid exposure to secular mores, including access to unfiltered news, added lohud.
Police said the protesters were peaceful and dispersed when the store closed at 2 p.m.
The store's manager said the protesters have the right to be there, but that his store strongly recommended a community-based organization that would install Internet filters for free, added
Several other cell stores in the mostly Hasidic community keep smartphones under the counter, they said.


jancsibacsi said...

Bunch of misfits who have nothing better to do with their lifes shame

Anonymous said...

מום שבך אל תקרא לחבירך
As if you are not a leidigeier?

jancsibacsi said...

Bunch of deranged goylems who cannot think on their own if it costs them their lifes automatons is what they are robots

Fred said...

They have free time on their hands to engage in this bullshit? How many of these morons receive public assistance?

Alex S. said...

Had a similar experience with a bochur staying with me. He refuses to use internet and suggested I do the same, yet..
1. he used my credit card without my permission
2. didn't tell me about it
3. when I confronted him (I only found out because I SAW IT ONLINE IN MY ACCOUNT--BH FOR INTERNET),
although he didn't deny it--how could he as I have proof--he didn't think it was stealing or that bad.
I SAY F* THAT. I am not so frum and I wouldn't ever do that!
So such people make me sick. You should police yourself and hold others responsible. If that is the case, that the store is at fault, then you should also make stores selling cigarettes to them also at fault.
I welcome your opinion as to what I said.

Alex S. said...
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Alex S. said...

typo above: You should police yourself and *NOT* hold others responsible.