Sunday, August 13, 2017

"Askanim" now comparing Smartphone with the "Holocaust"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our frum society has become totally detached and isolated from reality! 

Some crazed lunatic by the name of Rabinowitz who has a phone chat that he calls "Koil Rabinowitz" is comparing the smartphones with Auschwich, the Nazi death camp.

In his ad for his sick phone chat, Herr Rabinowitz  has a depiction of the "Arbeit Macht Frei" gate ... with the words "Smartphone Macht Frei" !

It is obvious that this naive numbskull hasn't learned one thing about the atrocities that occurred in Auschwich! 

If any other ad agency would have used this depiction in their ads, we would all be up in arms to decry this mocking reference to the worst calamity to have befallen the Jewish people in its in entire history! 

Message to Obensfurer Rabinovitz: The murder of over 6 million Jewish souls should not be used to advance your very sick and deranged agenda.
Why don't you ask a Holocaust Survivor what he thinks of your brilliant ad? Hmmm?


jancsibacsi said...

The Askanims way of thinking is the holocaust not the smartphone

AishKodesh said...

No jancsi.

And, in all honestly, they are not comparing it to the Holocaust. They are just using that as a strng way to say how harmful they can be. Not that I agree with the usage, though.

browser said...

These criminally insane Satmar Jew hating bastards are the KAPO'S of this generation who support the enemies of Israel in their effort to delegitimize and eventually destroy our God given Eretz Yisroel ,therefore am not surprised at all them mentioning the holocaust after all these miserable murderous Jew hating kapo bastards can't wait for Israels destruction which of course would entail another holocaust for it's seven million Jews

Anonymous said...

they have to think without anger. In a few years evry transaction will be thru smartphones no more humans, all by buttons or computers, people have to get realistic, even now it's hard to get a live human to help you. It's like iron, you can use it to kill or to do mitzvah shechita, we have the choice, these people have to stop giving illogical reasons ,

AishKodesh said...

7:33 AM, It's true. Honestly, technology is both a great Matanah and a great Nisayon. It must be used with discretion. For certain it is a bad thing for it to take over for humans, C"V -- which takes away the bond and warmth between people, etc. And for certain it holds great dangers. But there are also things such as being able to learn Torah online, connect to people and Gedolim through internet, phone, etc. For example, I don't live in Eretz Yisroel, but I have corresponded, B"H with the Bostoner Rebbe shlit"a via phone and email!

Like all other things, we must use it properly.

Anonymous said...

In general, I think it (the internet, smart phone etc) has done more harm than good for humanity. However, there is no turning back the clock - all humankind, whether they utilise the gadgets or not, are, or will become increasingly dependent on it/them for the basic smooth running of human communication/needs/commerce etc, as well as Jewish observance and culture. The Jewish world, with all its old values and morals, has changed irredeemably, and not always for the better. We are all under its dangerous influence and effect IMHO, more's the pity. Moral adaptation alongside damage limitation is the best we can strive for.

AishKodesh said...

I believe it has. And while in a way, we should utilize technology overall for what it offers for good, we also must maintain old traditions and not "assimilate" into the modern culture (obviously, we must adapt though).