Sunday, August 6, 2017

Monsey 18 Month Old Baby Killed by Taxi

A horrific accident took place in Monsey this afternoon, where a toddler was struck and killed by a taxi.
The collision unfolded on Joanna Lane at 5 o clock this afternoon. The child, just 18 months old, was rushed by Hatzala to Good Sam Hospital in Suffern.
Unfortunately, the young child was nifter shortly after being taken into the emergency room r”l.
The authorities are still on scene investigating the circumstances of the tragic incident.
Boruch Dayan Emes


AishKodesh said...

Baruch Dayan HaEmes.

Alex S. said...

Baruch Dayan Emet...
But I still wouldn't be surprised if the person that ran down this precious child was
and ultra-Orthodox man, who was talking on his cell or smoking while driving.
What kind of person drives so fast on such a street, knowing there are always children around,
so even more reason to drive extra careful. No excuse for such things to happen.

Dusiznies said...

alexander shekhtman
You will be surprised to learn that it was an unlicensed illegal latino cab driver!

Alex S. said...


If that is the case, catch him, arrest him, and send him back where he came from. I pray that Trump's new administration will let border control guards to their job and let them pass through so easily. All of these illegals must be sent back. And if there are frum Jews using the services of illegal latinos, I don't care if they are Jews, they must be fined for doing so because they too broke the law. Illegal is illegal.

Barley Cholent with Cheek Meat said...

Please post a copy of your green card.

Anonymous said...

So for all above from local news sources:
1. Driver was unlicensed but not illegal. Reports did not specify
2. Driver was backing out of driveway, not speeding.
3. 18 month old child was on driveway unsupervised.
4. The boy was a resident of the home from which the taxi fare was
picked up, police said.

Stop having more kids than you can afford, supervise and care for.
An 18 month old needs full time supervision by an adult.

Alex S. said...

To an anonymous,

I have replies to your comments:
1. how can a taxi company hire an unlicensed driver?
2. taxi drivers go through rigorous training...he should have been more careful
3. sometimes little children escape for just a few seconds, but that's all it takes is a few seconds.

But on the other hand you are right. Israel had a similar story. Around 3 or 4 years ago, a Breslov (I think) family left a 2 year old boy on a bench after visiting the separate beach in Netanya. Even getting home they did not notice. Only in the morning they notice and call the police. The police already knew about the baby because someone really nice found him sleeping on the bench outside the beach. and took him to the police. The police was going mad trying to figure out who the baby was and how he ended up being left there by himself. So my question is: who was responsible? Obviously the parents. But in those big families responsibilities are delegated to the older kids. So are they at fault?

Another question: didn't someone notice that there was no baby in the car seat? But I know the answer--Israelis and many religious people never use car seats, so how could they notice? This is very very sad. B'H nothing bad happened to the little boy. These parents should be put in prison to teach them a lesson, but this is not an option because the CPS in Israel is worse than in the U.S.

When I told this story to a good friend of mine that recently passed away, a very descent, holy man (as I type this I am crying when I remember the good times we had), he was furious, so furious, he started swearing, which he never did. Why, because he told me a story, where something similar happened to him, but he noticed right away that the children (yes, several) were not in the car. He spent about an hour looking for them until he found them. But at least he noticed right away.

It took that breslov family--a whole family, unlike him, just one person--until the next morning. Huh, so they did not notice the car seat empty which they never use, they did not notice the empty bed to place the child in to sleep, they did not notice anything.

No more words, I am furious, because here I am at 43, BT, never married, looking or a shidduch, and these couple have many children who they do not care about. Yes, I said that, do not care about. I would love my children so much, I would make sure they are safe, the safety to be given them, age appropriate. Now I am furious again, because very few religious people make their kids wear helmets while riding bikes. Maybe only 1/10 kids I see wearing helmets. At least something changed; several years ago I maybe saw only one or two kids wearing helmets. I am done now. May Hashem please help me get married and have kids that I can show to others how to truly love and keep safe.

Anonymous said...

1. Maybe the guy's license was revoked and they weren't informed.
2. He should have been more careful; well so should have Mom.
3. That's true and that's why the kid is dead.
4. Agree - helmets are a good start.
5. You need to get out there and get laid.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Shekhhtman ,a brocho that you should meet your zivig soon.

AishKodesh said...

Amein. Yashar koach. It isn't often I see people giving each other Berachos on here. Mostly just cursing each other, R"L....