Wednesday, October 28, 2015

One Of Nine Girls Not Accepted Into Lakewood High School writes Diary

The following was sent to the OnlySimchas inbox. 

Dear OS!
My neighbors 14 year old daughter is one of nine girls not accepted into high school in Lakewood. Her mother discovered today that she has been keeping a diary. Here is today’s heart wrenching entry:
Today is 56 days since school started here in Lakewood. It is now 56 days of me being rejected. I have no more tears to cry and I promised on Shabbos that I would try not to cry again.
In the summer when I realized that this was really serious, my father told me that it was a nisayon from Hashem. When school started and my sisters went off to high school leaving me behind, my father said it was a nisayon from Hashem.
When my parents saw me crying on Hoshan Rabba and asked me why. I said I didn’t understand why Hashem doesn’t answer my teffilos. My father said I promise you that Hashem will answer your tefillos.
It is now 56 days since school started and more then four months since this nightmare started. My parents are the frumest people I know. My mother works so hard and never complains. My father learns every free second he has. When he is home he is always looking into a sefer.
When school started without me my father told me that if I keep my faith in Hashem and hold myself together it will be a tremendous zechus for Klal Yisroel. I still don’t understand why I am rejected. I always got good marks and was never a problem child.
I did well in school and never dreamed that I would have a problem getting into high school. My parents keep telling me that it has nothing to do with me and it’s only because the school owner doesn’t like my father. It makes no sense. My father is the nicest person I know. There were months that he gave away so much tzedakah, we were worried that he would leave nothing left for our family. My parents would give their shirt off their backs to help someone else.
What could the school owner have against my father that he would hate me so much.
I can’t even look at my tehillim anymore. Even if I get into school I have no idea how I will catch up on all the material. When I walk into class everyone will be thinking here is the rejected girl, there must be something wrong with her.
I haven’t seen my mother smile in such a long time. I sometimes wish we didn’t live in Lakewood. I wish we lived in a place where everyone got into school. I am so bored, how many times can I go food shopping with my mother?
Maybe today the school owner will call up my parents and let me into school.
Does he even ever think about me sitting home? I wonder if he has daughters in school.

I wonder if he understands what he has done to me and my family. My parents say don’t have tainos. I don’t know how I could ever forget this. I wonder if his wife knows that I am home crying while everyone is in school. I hope Hashem hears my cries. 56 days is way too long. Here I start crying again and have to stop writing.


Anonymous said...

Which Schools did get rejected from? Was there more then one School? How many schools rejected you?

Anonymous said...

In Lakewood it's not any better with the elementary schools there are some schools in Lakewood that would not accept children less than 50 or $60,000 and everybody knows about it and nobody could do anything about it and if you don't have the money you child to be left without a school. even the Hasidic school in Lakewood bais rochel which has 1000 students if you don't come with big bucks to the dean Yakov Philip your child will not be accepted .they even established a vaad to help children get in to the school but nothing really could be done with out big you could imagine how many children from good families are struggling to get their children in to school just because they don't have the money God please help us all.

Jacob said...

Open a new school or leave the town.....sometimes you gotta to move on. The person that cares most about you in YOU

Anonymous said...

That is 100% true no one cares about you just yourself.but us jews don't work this way.
And You know it's not that easy just to move on.u live in ur town for a reason either because of work or because of school or family.
But if you have a school for Jewish children you are here to help klal and if u rape peoples money not threw schools.

Anonymous said...

So why perpetuate misery, by wanting to attach themselves to these 'not nice' holier-than-thou' Jewish people/sects and their high-cost fee-paying schools. They worship money and power more than anything else. Is there no Jewish state school she could attend instead, like they have in UK?

Anonymous said...

If there is no other school move! New York is about 1 and half hours from Galous Lakewood. Or the young lady could find a school in New York and commute. We could try to find her a school in New York.

lakewood askin said...

the schools in lakewood is a lika mafia if they don't like you or don't like your parents as the girl said my parents are the best but and it’s only because the school owner doesn’t like my father.
like the rosh hyeshiva hrav steinman once said if avrohom avinu would be in our generation today no school would accept him because his father was terach.