Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Satmar poster says that it is better to bow down 100 times to a Cross then to speak Hebrew!

The crazy fanatics called Satmar are holding back the redemption with their outrageous antics! It is interesting to note that Reb Aron Teitelbaum's (Satmar Rebi of the Aronie faction) wife speaks hebrew to her sisters. The sisters are the daughter of the Visnitzer Rebbe Z"L from Bnei-Brak. One sister is married to the Skverer Rebbi of New Square, and one is married to the Belzer Rebbe.
Loose Translation:
Heading: Congregation Yetev Lev of Satmar
Request and Warning!
It is prohibited to speak the heretical language, the profane Ivrit, in our Bais Midrash
It is well known that the "old" man, our Holy Rabbi, the founder of our holy institution, was against anyone speaking the profane hebrew language. It is better to bow 100 times to a cross then to speak the profane Ivrit!
Not only is it prohibited to speak this profane language, it desecrates our Small Bais Hamikdash!

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Abe said...

Consider it fortunate that these meatheads refuse to speak modern hebrew in their daily discourse.
They would just debase and adulterate the language, a task that brought their religion to the sorry state it is now in.