Thursday, July 25, 2013

Monsey "Camp" Bizzy Bee closed by the Board of Health

Camp Bizzy Bee was closed by the Board of Health, They mislead the Board of Health for years convincing them that they were actually a school and not a Camp.
But which school is open in July and August??
Look at their Web Site and tell me if this is a school.

And if you read the E-mail, you will notice that it keeps referring to itself  as 'camp".
for example: "The police came to camp"?????????

The administration of the camp sent an  e-mail  to the parent body, explaining in the most convoluted, confusing way that the CAMP is not really a CAMP but actually a School!

The name itself is a dead give away "CAMP BIZZY BEE!"


They must take their parent body for a bunch of idiotic fools!

But the clincher is  that the administrator is Eliyahu Fink, who never misses an opportunity to attack Yeshivas and Shuls in Monsey when they violate zoning laws.

 Just yesterday this "Tzaddik", Fink  in response to a "Protest against a Yeshiva" sympathised with the Protesters commenting in Facebook,

 " the sad thing is that the frum community will look at this (the protest) as anti-Semitisim or some preemptive offensive. When in reality it's just a reaction to the last 25 years."

So now this Hypocrite does the same thing! 
why Mr. fink is your "school" different?
Read his "nutty" e-mail! 

(We highlighted in blue where they refer to themselves as a camp)
The following is an E-Mail to the Parents from "Camp Bizzy Bee

Camp ends today at 2:45 PM. Please pick up as close to 2:45 PM as you can. If you cannot come to camp until 4 PM we will be taking good care of your children until you can be here. We are so sorry for the inconvenience. Please accept our apologies.

What's Going On?
\We would like to explain the full situation to all of our parents. Please read this carefully.

For the last 11 summers, Camp Bizzy Bee has operated legally as a summer program of Ateres Bais Yaakov. This classification was unofficially approved by the Board of Health many times over the years. This classification means that we are a school and not a camp in a legal sense. This means that we are subject to school regulations and not camp regulations. The schools are governed by private school regulations and camps are governed by the Board of Health. Thankfully we have never had any legal or health related issues at camp.

This is our second summer at Bais Yaakov of Ramapo. We love the grounds and are very proud of the product we can provide at BYR. There is a neighbor who resents the school and Camp Bizzy Bee as well. The neighbor has given us a lot of trouble. For example, the neighbor calls the Ramapo Police on a regular basis with false complaints. The police come to camp, are satisfied that the neighbor's complaint was not valid, and they leave. Last week the neighbor reported Camp Bizzy Bee to the Board of Health as an illegal camp. This too was a false complaint. We are not illegal and we are not a camp. However the Board of Health decided to investigate our program anyway.

On Tuesday the Board of Health sent an inspector to observe our camp. The inspector noted several issues that would be violations if we were in fact a camp. None of these issues are violations for a school program. However we were confident that we would be able to work out the issues with the Board of Health supervisor.

We met with the inspector and supervisor at the Board of Health. They were adamant that we were a camp and not a school. This is an issue that we will be challenging. Despite our disagreement on how to classify our program we asked what we must do to have camp while we sorted out the many details. We were given several matters to resolve which we resolved immediately. To the best of our knowledge we were compliant.

The inspector returned today and was not satisfied with what she saw. A report was written and we have been ordered to shut down camp for the day. This has completely blindsided us because we have always been fully compliant with the regulations for schools and and we are doing everything we can to get everything sorted out so that the Board of Health is satisfied but they are not quite satisfied yet. We are confident that we will be able to reopen on Monday and there is a small possibility we can reopen tomorrow.

Please be prepared for either option and look for future correspondence from Camp Bizzy Bee regarding this matter.

As you can imagine this a very busy time for us and we recognize that you may have some questions. You may email us with any questions. Please do not flood the camp phone numbers with your questions. If we see that there are some issues that must be clarified we will send out further communication.

Thank you for your understanding as we navigate this situation

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