Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Finally! Brave Rabbi calls for Rabbanim to condemn the horrific violance against frum IDF soldier by Frum Hooligans

Rabbi Chaim Amsellem spoke with Israel Radio on Wednesday, 3 Menachem Av 5773, calling on chareidi political parties and rabbonim alike to strongly condemn the attack against a chareidi soldier. Amsellem, whose Am Shalem party failed to enter the 19th Knesset, called on the leaders of the frum community to come out in a united voice to condemn this “horrific act”. He warns that if rabbonim do not speak out now as they should, what is now the action of extremists in Meah Shearim will chas v’sholom be viewed as acceptable and we may begin seeing such unacceptable actions in other religious areas. “This cannot be another Shas silence of the lambs” he exclaimed, calling on all frum community leaders to speak out to condemn the act which is “despicable”. Ynet quotes the soldier’s mother expressing her disgust, adding the people responsible for attacking her son “Should rot in prison”. She is quoted telling Walla News “I am ashamed that such an act can occur among my people in my country. My son is a simple young man, a good boy. He is not provocative. People don’t understand that is his second home and that is why he came in uniform. He goes there to learn Torah with his uncle, not to cause a stir

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