Monday, July 29, 2013

Missing 10 year old found! Updated

Kiryas JOel, NY - After a frantic search that lasted over twelve hours, Shimon Zorger, the 10 year old Williamsburg boy who vanished last night from Kiryas Joel, has been located.  Zorger had been in Kiryas Joel for the day to pay a visit to his grandparents who live on Lizensk Boulevard.
“We found him,” Moses Vitriol, director of the Kiryas Joel Public Safety Patrol, told VIN News.
It was New York State Trooper Danny Harter who found the missing autistic boy in the woods near the V’Yoel Moshe school, which backs onto Lizensk Boulevard.  Zorger, who is reportedly in good condition, was found at approximately 9:50 AM and was transported to Westchester Medical Center as a precautionary measure

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