Monday, July 29, 2013

Chassidic 10 year old Shimon Zorger missing

A full scale search continues in the village of Kiryas Joel for a 10 year old autistic boy who has been missing for several hours.
Shimon Zorger, who was outside his family’s Lizensk Boulevard home with his father, wandered off at approximately 6 PM this evening and a massive search, which includes state troopers, K-9 units, Chaverim and other volunteers, is currently underway and it is believed that he is still within the village of Kiryas Joel.
“There was a report that he was seen in the village at around 9:30, but because he is autistic he has a tendency to run away when approached,” Donald Marshall of the Kiryas Joel Public Safety Patrol told VIN News.
A spokesperson for the New York State Police confirmed that the ground search, which currently does not include any helicopters, encompasses a wide circumference around the town of Monroe and the village of Kiryas Joel.
Zorger was wearing a black and white striped shirt at the time of his disappearance.  This is the second time within a week that the boy has wandered off.
Anyone with any information regarding Shimon Zorger’s whereabouts is asked to contact the State Police at 845-782-8311 or the Kiryas Joel Public Safety Office at 845-782-5577.
Director of Kiryas Joel Public Safety director Moses Witriol is reporting that the search is still continuing, as of 11:30 PM, with state police, KJPS and volunteers searching the wooded areas around Lizensk Boulevard.  Anyone wishing to join the search is asked to report the the KJPS command center at Lizensk Boulevard and the public is requested to say Tehillim for Shimon ben Raizel Devorah.

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