Wednesday, July 10, 2013

IDF Soldier that was beaten by the Chareidie cowards, was a "Baal Teshuvah!"

The gangsters

While demanding that “severe” justice be metered out, the mother of a uniformed Haredi IDF soldier who was attacked Tuesday by a group of ultra-Orthodox wants his attackers to know that her son just became Haredi five years ago and that he was on his way home from Torah study when he was assaulted. ( reports that mother said her son was “pelted with stones,” and that he remains “exhausted” and “traumatized.”
According to the mother, her son was attacked in the Mea Shearim neighborhood where he had gone to study Torah with relatives.
When the attack began her son ducked into a nearby building where he changed into civilian clothes and contacted police.
Four ultra-Orthodox men were arrested by police.
Despite the attack, the mother said both she and her son believe that the attack was staged by a small, radical fringe group of ultra-Orthodox and that people should avoid “generalizations” when talking about the perception of ultra-Orthodox towards Haredis who choose to serve in the IDF.

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