Friday, July 26, 2013

Chassidishe Chussen dumps his Kallah at the wedding

The dumped Kallah

The "dumper" Chussen

From yourjewishnews
By: Debbie Gross 
 A man, who was moments away from tying the knot, ditched his bride at the altar and ran, according to reports in Israel.

The overjoyed ultra-Orthodox Jewish families of the bride and groom were already at the wedding hall, “Hod Vehadar Yad Ezra”, located in the city of Bnei Brak on Shlomo Hamelech Street. A few moments before the chuppah ceremony, the groom fled from the wedding hall. His horrified parents reached him on his cell phone, but the groom told them that he doesn't want to get married.

Meanwhile, the guests at the wedding hall were anxiously waiting for the wedding to continue. Later that night, the groom returned, but then, the bride refused to go ahead with the wedding. The waiters, realizing that the wedding will probably not take place, began to distribute the wedding meal to the remaining guests.

The groom began dancing with family and friends despite the fact that the bride locked herself in a room.
At around 1:00 am, Rabbi Moshe Shafran along with a government social worker arrived. They spoke with the parties. The wedding was officially canceled and the bride, groom and their families went home.

The bride and groom are followers of Eliezer Berland, a Breslov rabbi accused of sexually assaulting hundreds of girls. Berland fled Israel and is currently holding up in Morocco.


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