Monday, July 1, 2013

"Frum" guy with Beard & Payos convicted of killing his parents

Bringing an end to a sensational murder trial which transfixed the country, Daniel Maoz was convicted on Monday of the brutal and notorious double murder of both of his parents, Noah and Nurit Maoz, to try to get inheritance money following their deaths in order to pay off large gambling debts.
Maoz was sentenced to 2 life prison terms.
Daniel Maoz had admitted to having a severe gambling addiction, but had rejected the accusation that he murdered his parents, including stabbing each of them dozens of times followed by trying to cover up the murders, in the Ramot neighborhood of Jerusalem in August 2011.

Daniel was arrested less than a month after the murders after police noticed a number of suspicious behaviors, including the night of the murders when Daniel showed up at a friend's apartment disheveled, nervous, and covered with splatters of blood.
DNA placed Daniel at the scene of the murders, but, in a surreal twist, Daniel accused his twin brother, Nir Maoz, of carrying out the murder, as they share similar DNA.
He was indicted in September 2011.
Taking the witness stand, Daniel testified that he cleaned the site of his parents' murder, but didn't call the police or an ambulance because he was afraid his brother would kill him.
"Four years ago I stole $3,000 from my parents. I told them the next day that I was held up by criminals. I lied to them, and I am ashamed of my actions. The next day I confessed the truth, and I told them all about my gambling addiction," said Daniel.
Other sensational aspects of the trial included Daniel embarking on a hunger strike in protest of the refusal of the Prison Services to allow him to visit his parents' graves, on Har Menuchot in Jerusalem.
Next, after Maoz's cellmate, Roni Ben-Arbon, gave evidence against him, Maoz's lawyer tried attacking the cellmate's credibility by showing the court graphic videos from the cellmate's cellphone.
Ben-Arbon was also accused of conspiring with Daniel to throw the police off Daniel's trail by sending them an anonymous letter from an "eye witness" that saw Nir leave the parents' house at 11 p.m. on the night of the murder following hearing loud screaming. 

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he grew his payos and beard after being arrested. check out the earlier news stories.