Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Shuli Rand Famous Israeli Actor (Ushpizin, Shtisel) Leaves his Frum wife of 7 Children to marry Secular Actress

 In one of Israel’s most controversial and public divorce wars, Shuli Rand, 59, a leading actor in the Israeli movie industry who had become religiously observant, was seeking a divorce from his wife, Michal. On Tuesday of this week, After having received permission from an Israeli Beit Din to marry a second wife, in a secretly held wedding, Shuli Rand got married.

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In 1988, Shuli Rand became famous, after playing the lead role in Andrzej Wajda’s play The Dybbuk at Habima theater. Rand was chosen as Israel’s Theater Actor of the Year several times.

He abandoned acting in 1996, when he rediscovered religion and joined the Breslav Hasidic sect. In 2004, he returned to acting with his film debut “Ushpizin.”

Michal and Shuli (or Shalom) have seven children together and were heavily involved in Kiruv. In 2004, the two had founded the Jewish Theatre of Jerusalem. In 2016, Shuli lost both of his parents within one week of each other.

Shuli Rand was the creator and main actor in “Ushpizin” – a movie about a Breslov ba’al teshuvah whose faith is challenged when criminals from his past arrive unannounced at his sukkah. The movie was described by the LA Times as “bridging the gap between religious and secular Jews.”His real life wife, Michal, portrayed his wife in the movie.

About two years ago, rumors began about a developing relationship between Shuli Rand and Tzofit Grant, a secular woman.  Tzofit Grant is an actress and television documentary host.

After last summer, Shuli and Tzofit officially revealed the relationship when they came together publicly for a media event. The two just took a step up – and officially got married.

Shuli and Tzofit Scout kept the details of the event secret until the last minute, and did everything they could to prevent uninvited guests from reaching the area. Guests were given the location of the event by SMS about two hours before the event, and the entire complex was filled of security guards and well-fenced.

Over the past year, Michal has been blamed by much of Israel’s media about her not wishing to release Shuli from the marriage.  In a television interview last December, Michal expressed that they were a happy couple.  The Israeli media has attacked Michal with the refrain of “how can you stand in front of love?”  Michal has countered that he had abandoned her, lived in violation of halacha with another woman in violation of the Cherem Rabbeinu Gershon, and allegedly threatening that if she stands in his way, “she will be left homeless and without teeth.”

Michal had once related that as a secular Israeli girl she had prayed to Hashem that if He put her together with then secular actor Shuli Rand, she would become religious and make sure that he also returned to Torah observance.  Eventually, both became Breslev.


Joselito said...

Tzofit Grant was married with avrumele Grant former head coach of israel , of chelsea...

Leyzer said...

horible reporting

she is not secular. she is shomer mitzvot just not charedi.

his wife has been living apart and refusing a get for years. well known.

he has not acted badly in this at all.